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Day: February 23, 2020

PHIL-osopy, February 24th, 2020

Phil’s at it again, with songs (sung by the Founding Fathers), information about Russian election interference, deforestation, alternative burial options, how to get a pardon from rump (disgustingly simple), California’s answer to homelessness, what rump’s administration has done with EPA cleanups, how the rumpublicans have normalized corruption, preparing for the stock market crash (and we all realize that this “booming economy” for some means heartache for many and a huge and growing deficit), prejudice based on the coronavirus outbreak, Greyhound buses and US Customs and Border Protection, Germany’s far-right problem (What is that country going to do about the racism and hate attacks), Indian American’s switching parties (?), and secure voting software in Virginia…and on a lighter note, where the peace symbol originated. 

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