A Message from Wendy Gooditis: February, 2020

“A Broad Progressive Agenda”

This past fall, voters turned out en masse at the polls. 10th district constituents asked the General Assembly to improve health care access, support our schools, address gun violence, expand voting rights, and fight for an economy that works for all of us. We heard you, and we have been hard at work to create the change we need.

READ: “In five weeks, Virginia Democrats reshape decades of state policy.”

There are a few pieces of legislation the House has passed that I’m particularly proud to have co-patroned:

  • HB 1526 (Virginia Clean Economy Act): Sets Virginia’s first Clean Energy Standard. This legislation will make Virginia a national leader on environmental policy.
  • HB 582: Establishes collective bargaining for public employees. This will be good for teachers, firefighters, health care workers, and so many other workers who serve our communities.
  • HB 1: Creates no-excuse absentee voting, making it easier for voters to exercise their democratic right.
  • HB 1508: Requires a minimum staffing ratio for counselors in public schools to better support our students.

Make sure to follow these bills as they head to the Senate.

What legislation are you most excited about this session? Let our office know.



Speaking in defense of HB 19, a bill which eliminates Virginia’s discriminatory voter ID requirement. 
Advocating for the 10th District
In the months leading up to this legislative session, I met with constituents throughout Frederick, Clarke, and Loudoun counties. Many of the bills I am carrying this year are a direct result of those conversations. Read more about that legislation below.
If you have an idea for a bill that would improve our district, please feel free to contact my office at any time. My Chief of Staff can set up an appointment to discuss legislative ideas after session ends.

HB 313 Updating FOIA

This legislation, requested by Loudoun County, updates Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act to exempt library patron’s electronic records. This week, I spoke on behalf of HB 313 before the Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology.

HB 314 Mount Zion

Mount Zion Old School Baptist Church Cemetery is an historic landmark in the 10th district. HB 314 qualifies Mount Zion to receive necessary funds from the Department of Historic Resources. I successfully defended this bill in a Senate committee earlier this week.

HB1469 Provisional Teacher Licenses
This bill was requested by Dr. David Sovine, superintendent of Frederick County Public schools. It will update Virginia law to extend the length of provisional teacher licenses for up to 2 years for teachers in accredited private schools and schools for students with disabilities. I’m grateful to have worked on this legislation with my colleague, Delegate David Reid. It passed the Senate Public Education subcommittee yesterday and heads to the Senate Committee on Education and Health.
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