About Us

Our Mission

To serve as the organizing body of the Democratic Party within the Winchester – Frederick County Area; To encourage voter registration and voting by qualified residents of the Winchester – Frederick County Area; To raise funds for the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates for office at the local, state and national levels; To organize and appoint election officials to work all general and special elections in the Winchester – Frederick County Area; and To adhere to and implement the policies and platform contained in the national and state Democratic Party Plans and Platforms.

What We Stand For

  • We firmly believe all people are created equal and “all” means without exclusion, everyone.
  • We believe Americans have the right to a safe and secure life, the freedom to follow their aspirations, and the privilege to pursue happiness.
  • We believe the purpose of government includes maintaining a strong defense to protect life, preserving and expanding liberties, and empowering us in our pursuit of happiness.
  • We believe education creates a progressive nation, a tolerant social order and must be an equal right to all.
  • We believe diplomacy and respect to all nations are the groundwork for strong allies and promotes human rights across the world.

Ways We Unite

  • When essentials of every day life for hard working Americans become unattainable, we seek solutions. Affordable food, health care and housing are a few examples.
  • When Americans are born into disadvantaged conditions, we insure they too have a fighting chance to pursue the American dream. This is a land of opportunity for everyone.
  • When courageous people break their silence seeking justice, we join them as one voice for change. Times Up for those who violate others in any way.
  • When minorities are ostracized and their rights infringed, we pursue justice together as one majority. Prejudiced profiling is unacceptable.
  • When people around the world are escaping oppressive governments and leave their homes in fear, we along with our allies provide sanctuary and work to eliminate the injustices. We are a nation of immigrants with empathy to their plight, and we adhere to Lady Liberty’s motto.

The Executive Committee


William Fuller

Vice Chair

Dave Shore

Second Chair

Mike Faison


Kate Simpson


Marie Straub