Clever Poetry from Anonymous

Post Impeachment Revenge Syndrome

Since the Senate

Set him free

He’s been on

A get-even spree.

Those who dared

To cross his path

Were the targets

Of his wrath.

Those who dared

To testify

He was quick

To vilify.

Even a judge,

Even a jury

Were not safe

From his fury.

Democrats, media

Both the same.

He made sure

Both to blame.

To make him happy

Here’s what to do:

Get you down

On bended knee

And pledge him

Undying loyalty.

And his praises

You must sing

For he is your

Almighty King.

And if you want to be

At the top

Of his class

Get in line

And kiss his ass.


A Presidential Prescription

“It isn’t a virus,” Dr. Trump says,” it’s only the flu.”

“I’m not worried, so why should you?”

“Take one aspirin,” he prescribes,” and go to bed.”

(And, if you’re lucky, you won’t end up dead.)

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