Deetzie Bayliss Announces Dist. 29 Candidacy

Delmara (Deetzie) Bayliss is a proud Democrat running to represent District 29 in the Virginia House of Delegates. She has lived in Virginia for most of her life, having grown up in Frederick County and Winchester. She attended both Frederick County and Winchester City schools, graduating from Handley High School. She received her BA from Virginia Tech, and her Juris Doctor from Washington & Lee School of Law. Now at age sixty-five, she has made the decision to ask the citizens of District 29 to consider supporting her as their representative.

As a lawyer and officer of the court, Ms. Bayliss has great respect for the Rule of Law and has witnessed its demise under the Trump presidency and the Trump Republican party: “It is crystal clear that any Republican candidate must now support Trump and his conspiracy theories, continuing to spread his ‘Big Election Lie,’ which damages our democracy and strengthens our enemies and adversaries throughout the world.” She continues, “Our country was built on truth, not lies, and disregarding facts solely to please and promote a narcissistic defeated president in no way furthers the best interest of the citizens of Virginia. Trump lost the election, and more than sixty court rulings have found no systemic fraud; even his attorney general has stated there was no evidence of systemic fraud. I am running because I believe citizens of Virginia House District 29 need a candidate who respects the rule of law.”

As a mother of two children, Bayliss understands and recognizes the power of a good education and knows that it is the greatest gift that a community can give to any child. She supports our public education system, particularly our teachers who work hard everyday inside and outside the classrooms. Bayliss believes that citizens need to do whatever is necessary to support our education system and help students recover from the rigors and restrictions of the pandemic. She knows that voters in Winchester City, and parts of Frederick and Warren County are too well-informed to support candidates who falsely accuse our school systems of teaching communism and socialism or threaten to withhold needed funding.

“This kind of slander is counterproductive to learning and simply a lie,” says Bayliss.

As a resident of District 29, Bayliss has seen firsthand the absolute and immediate need for expanded broadband and believes that access to broadband, part of our modern infrastructure, deservess generous funding. She is proud that our Democratic-controlled legislature and our Democratic Governor have allocated millions of dollars for this very purpose, particularly to areas not already served.

As a person of faith and a caring citizen, Bayliss believes that all people deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of nationality, race, or sexual preference. She has been shocked and dismayed at the growth and acceptance by Trump of white supremacy and has been devastated to learn of Asian hate crimes stemming from Trump’s blaming and labeling of the coronavirus. Bayliss is concerned that Republican legislatures have been busy recently enacting laws that adversely affect transgender Americans. Bayliss believes that others should accept, not degrade, people who are simply trying to live their lives, and policies must protect people’s Civil Rights.

As a person who has been fortunate enough to have good health care, Bayliss believes health care is a right, not a privilege. She supports expanding both Medicare and Medicaid so that no person who is sick or in need of treatment is left to suffer. She knows people who cannot afford the high cost of dental care or who cannot afford going to the hospital when they are sick. Bayliss says, “More than ever, we need access to mental health care for so many adversely affected by the pandemic.” As Americans, Bayliss knows that we can find a suitable way to address these needs. The United States is a country that can solve any problem if we work together.

As a person of empathy, Bayliss supports a woman’s right to choose. It is often a difficult and heart-wrenching decision that the individual woman needs to make, and no state government should try to interfere with her decision under the protections of “Roe vs. Wade”.

As a former assistant Commonwealth’s attorney, Bayliss worked closely with law enforcement to protect the community. She believes the criminal justice reforms passed by the legislature will serve to better the interests of our dedicated law enforcement officers as well as all citizens.

Finally, as a rescuer of many, many pitiful feral cats and kittens, as well as many suffering dogs, and as a former prosecutor who saw hard cases involving pets, Bayliss strongly supports increased penalties for animal cruelty: “These animals express fear, pain, and sadness. They are thinking and feeling creatures, and cruelty against them needs to be treated seriously by our courts.”

In conclusion, Bayliss asks for you to stand with her and support her “Tell the Truth” campaign. Unlike the Trump Republican candidates who fear losing base voters if they cross Trump or tell the truth about the 2020 election or the insurrection, Bayliss will not lie in order to win. She says, “It is a sign of weakness or intentional deceit if any candidate either believes these lies or pretends to believe them solely to win an election. “Bayliss is stronger than deceit and not afraid to keep her morals intact as she searches for truth and justice. Bayliss knows that there are many honest, experienced, and dedicated delegates on both sides of the aisle, and she believes that it is in the best interests of our Commonwealth that we diligently try to work across the aisle. Together, she knows that we can move Virginia forward in hopes of making a better life for all who live in District 29.

Bayliss encourages citizens of Virginia House 29 to tell the truth, work together, and keep Virginia strong and proud.

To contact the candidate, call 540-665-1845, 703-472-6161, or email

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