General Call to Caucus Guidelines for 7:30 pm April 23rd, 2020


As a result of the current Covid-19 virus public health emergency, it is not possible for the Winchester Frederick County Democratic Committee (WFCDC) to implement a candidate selection process as set forth in the State Party Plan. This Call to Caucus Supersedes any Calls issued by WFCDC.

DPVA will set forth additional guidance relating to the Congressional District and State Conventions in the near future.

The WFCDC will hold a virtual unassembled caucus on April 23rd, 2020 at 7:30 pm. for the purpose of electing Candidates for Winchester City Council and a Frederick County Board of Supervisor for the Shawnee Magisterial District.

I. Pre-Filing:

All individuals interested in participating in the virtual caucus must pre-file by going to  If you do not have web access, you may call (540)358-1121. Individuals must pre-file by midnight April 19th, 2020.

II. Qualification of Candidates:

The Declaration of Candidacy to which a caucus participant must agree.

  •           I am a Democrat;
  •           I am registered to vote in the city or county in which I am filing;
  •           I do not intend to support any candidate who is opposed to the Democratic Nominee in the next ensuing election;
  •           I will not participate in the nominating process of any other political party.

III. Notice:

The WFCDC has provided notice of this caucus by placement of a general notice of the caucus, including the caucus date, time, and location, along with the Call to Caucus, on the WFCDC website, Facebook Page and local newspaper. Democrats in their respective localities are eligible to  participate in the caucus.

IV. Caucus Participant Pre-Filing:

To facilitate the conduct of “virtual caucuses,” WFCDC requires pre-filing of persons interested in participating in the caucuses. Every Democrat who is a registered voter is urged to participate. To comply with the current emergency situation in Virginia, all participants will need to pre-file with the Democratic WFCDC by Midnight April 19th, 2020. Individuals will use a form available on Those wishing to participate but who do not have access to the Web may pre-file by calling (540) 358-1121.

V. Caucus Participation

Only those individuals who have properly pre-filed before the filing deadline will be permitted to participate in the caucus. Participants will only be allowed to participate in the caucus to elect candidates in political jurisdictions in which they are registered to vote. (For example, if there are two candidates seeking the Second Ward Council position, only citizens who reside IN Second Ward may vote for the candidate of their choice.)

VI. Conduct of Caucus

Individuals wishing to participate in any contested caucus MUST PRE-REGISTER. Voting will begin at 7:30PM on April 23rd, 2020.

If you have access to the web, visit the and click on the button link to pre-file. Fill out the pre-registration form.

Those do not have web/internet access will call 540-358-1121 to pre-file.

A staff member from WFCDC will follow-up with further information. If you plan to participate by phone, you will receive a call-in number from the staff member.

Participants eligible to vote in a contested election will complete a voter eligibility certification and receive a unique link via email inviting  them to join the virtual caucus and vote. DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK.

Participants will assemble by using the unique link or by phone using the phone number given by staff. 

Candidates will speak (limited to 5 min.) before the vote. 

The Chair will call the vote.

On-line Participants will  vote for their candidate using the digital ballot on their screen.

If a participant is joined by phone, they will be register their vote with the staff member,

NOTE: Anyone who does not have “call waiting” and has chosen to vote by phone will hang up after the speeches and will wait for the staff member to call.  Those who have “call waiting” may remain on the caucus call, listen for the tone, and switch to the staff call to indicate their vote. After voting, individuals may then rejoin the caucus by using the original number (to hear the results) or check for notification on the website.

After a short time, voting will be closed. All of the ballots will be counted. The candidate with the most votes will be announced as the winner of the contested caucus.

VII. Determination of Contested Caucus Elections:

If more individuals file for a position of candidate by the deadline, the candidates will speak at the caucus before giving the participants the opportunity to register their vote for the candidate of their choice. Only those participants who are registered to vote in the jurisdiction of the contest race will  be eligible to vote in the contest.

VIII. Accessibility

WFCDC shall take all steps necessary to ensure the accessibility to participate for all Virginians and to comply with the adopted Affirmative Action Plan.

Issued: 4/2/2020

Dr. William Fuller, Chair

Winchester Frederick County Democratic Party


Paid for by the Winchester Frederick County Democratic Committee


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