Local, State, and National Delegate Selection begins on Saturday, April 18th (virtually)

SOME of our Members will want to participate in the following upcoming opportunities to be part of the DELEGATE process. Much of this will be VIRTUAL during this time of quarantine.

Learn more about 2020 Virginia Presidential Preference Delegate Allocations

Saturday, April 18th, Choosing local Delegates for the next level: DPVA will host this local Caucus. Interested delegates will fill out a form that serves to “prefile” themselves for delegate certification. Once the “prefile” is complete, delegates will be sent an email with instructions for how to log into the local caucus ON April 18th. The link to the DPVA filing document is

We will NEED 16 participants from Frederick County and 4 alternates.

We will NEED 6 participants from Winchester City and 1 alternate.

Prefile to attend this virtual caucus on April 18th.

SOME of these participants will be chosen to attend the District 10 Caucus on Saturday, May 9th.

Saturday, May 9th, District 10 Caucus: Delegates selected on April 18th will again fill out a form that serves to “prefile” them for delegate certification. Please fill out this form if you would like to be a State Delegate or Alternate to your Congressional District Convention (it is the same form for the June 20th State Convention). Once “prefile” is complete, delegates will be sent an email with instructions for how to log into the caucus (on May 9th). It is likely that delegates will have 1-2 minutes to speak about why they are qualified to attend the next level in Richmond on Saturday, June 20th, which may also be virtual. Prefile to be a State or Alternate Delegate on June 20th.

Saturday, June 20th, Richmond Caucus: 164 delegates from this group of Virginia citizens will be chosen to go to the National Convention in Milwaukee in July (13-16th). DPVA will give us more information about what will happen in June. Prefile for Democratic Presidential Caucus.

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