Our Ever-Clever Anonymous!

The Ballad of Bad Bill Barr

Bill Barr is the man’s name 

And he claims

Law and order 

Is his game.

But he plays

By his own rules

And that’s not fair

But as long

As he wins

He does not care.

He says he’s independent

But when push

Comes to shove

He’s Trump’s lackey

The hand in the glove.

Why pick on poor Roger Stone.

Give him a break.

Toss him a bone.

Just a lot of

Sound and fury.  So what

If he tried to bribe a jury.

Who’s up next?

It’s lying Mike Flynn!

He’s not guilty

He’s free from all sin.

Take pity

On his poor soul

And set him free on parole.

And everyone on death row

Don’t give up hope

As long as he’s A.G

He will always be there

To cut that rope.

If he faces a judge

Who will not budge

His time on the court

Will end up short.

We’ve had enough!

We’ve learned our lessons!

Won’t you please bring back

Good old Jeff Sessions!


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