PHIL-OSOPHY, January 13, 2020

QUOTEListening to Mitch McConnell talk about the decline of bipartisanship is like listening to Jeffrey Dahmer complain about the decline of dinner party etiquette. ~ Al Franken

DISCRIMINATION.  Per this NBC article, the US Department of Interior and quietly deleted “sexual orientation” from its anti-discrimination guidelines.  Ever since trump took office, various departments have removed it from their guidelines.  After sexual orientation protections, what will they eliminate next?

SPOTTING THE ANTICHRISTThis interesting post is all about the politician you don’t like and his similarities to Biblical prophesies.  Enjoy the read!

NOVEMBER AND THE OPPOSITION.  Yes, there is a Presidential election in November.  Regretfully, the republicans have tried to stack the deck against us.

First, two Democrats have been pushed by republicans in disguise to run as candidates to take votes away from the Democratic candidate.  Former Democratic Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee is running as a Libertarian.  Although he has yet to be selected by that party, his odds are very good since he has many people outside the party supporting him.  Additionally, one of the former candidates for the Democrat nod is now being influenced to possibly run as an independent, per the rumor mill.  Then, there is the speculation that Michael Bloomberg may run as an independent.

Then there are the attempts to disenfranchise voters.  Many states, especially those controlled by the republicans, are busy purging voters off the roles.  Virginia does that, too, but in Virginia, people are not purged unless they have missed at least the last presidential election.  Several states use a rule of those who haven’t voted in the last 3 or less years.  There is some good reasoning in well thought out purges.  There is almost no check from state to state when people more out of state.  Also, it is rare that anyone reports a death of a registered voter.  In such cases, the purges do weed out registrations that are no longer valid.  At least most states, including Virginia, attempt to contact those about to be purged and give them some time to respond.  Regretfully, too many never respond when they should.

Worse, however, is when a party does not let voters decide who is running for president as the party’s candidate.  The republicans in Virginia and at least 4 other states decided not to have primaries.  They will select a candidate in some other way.  In Minnesota, the state republican party decided to have only one candidate, although three qualified, and that is permitted under that state’s laws.  An independent started a law suit over that.  Aren’t you glad you can at least have a voice in who you want to be the Democratic candidate?

Remember to vote in all elections and support our Democratic candidates.

WAGE INEQUITY.  CEOs, on average, make $278 for every $1 a worker makes.  Is that usual?  In the last 40 years, CEO pay rose 940% while worker pay rose only 12%.  Here is a CBS article about it.

ABOUT THE FAMILY.  And then there is Maryanne Trump Barry.  She was appointed Judge of the United States Courts of Appeals for the Third Circuit by Bill Clinton.  Regretfully, not everything Bill did was good, although he certainly gave a boost to Monica’s income.  Seems she quickly resigned when the trump family, including donald, got caught up in 2018 in a tax evasion scheme.  Read this Wikipedia entry to learn more.

WHAT IS RIGHT.  In 2001, Al Gore, as President of the U.S. Senate, presided over the certification of George W. Bush (Bush43) as President of the United States of America.  In today’s political arena, would Mike Pence do the same?  Probably not.  It seems republicans do what is right only when it benefits them.

JUNIOR AND RIFLES.  None other than trump, jr has been photographed with a rifle, a semi-automatic weapon made by Rare Breed Firearms, bearing medieval symbols and a cartoon of Hillary Clinton behind bars.  Medieval symbols are often used by hate groups because of their misunderstanding and misuse of the symbology.  Read more about it in this CNN article.

ENVIRONMENT REVERSALS.  I regret to say the reversal is in the wrong direction.  The trump administration plans to rewrite environmental regulations to make it easier to build pipelines and other infrastructure projects.  This CNN article tells you a lot more.

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