March 9th: Political Cartoons to Entertain and Educate and PHIL-osophy

HEALTH CARE?  So just how well is the trump administration handling the coronavirus problem?  The US State Department, despite objections by the Center for Disease Control, permitted 14 infected people on an airplane the administration had promised would be free of infected people.

Read more about it in this Snopes article.

HE DID IT AGAIN.  He appointed someone unfamiliar with security to head security.  He did the same in other areas. Now, trump has appointed Pence to lead the coronavirus team.  It will be another case of the blind dictating the sighted as to what they see.

By the way, in 2000, Pence said “Smoking doesn’t kill.”

We are not surprised that Pence has ordered all communications go through him.  There is nothing like suppressing speech if you don’t want the truth out.  Some see Pence’s appointment to head this as a way to give him more visibility to become president at some point in the future.

BACON & REPUBLICANS.  No, it’s not the kind you eat.  This is Francis Bacon who, in the Novum Organum section of his The Wisdom of the Ancients, wrote of four types of human error, using idols as a metaphor:

  • Idols of the Tribe create errors that are basic to human nature.
  • Idols of the Cave are responsible for errors arising out of human prejudice.
  • Idols of the Marketplace produce errors due to the imperfections in human language, such as using words superficially, inaccurately, or deceptively.
  • Idols of the Theater are errors that come from flaws in the systems of thought, also known as bad logic.

Where have you heard of these in today’s society?  Oh, yes.  You often hear them applied to republicans.  How well Bacon knew people!  Can we point to examples?  Yes, but let’s not try to cover everything.

The evangelicals, who make up much of the backbone of the current republican party, profess to believe everything in The Bible should be taken literally as truth and God’s word.  Yet, the first major translation of that work into English for use by the general population was published in 1611 under the sponsorship of England’s King James I, a gay man.  Don’t forget that evangelicals usually don’t like gays.  Some people accuse James I of inserting or intentionally playing up passages on witches to help control the population over which he reigned.  He even had Sir Reginald Scott’s book A Discoverie of Witchcraft burned as he started his project because it showed that those accused of witchcraft were nothing more than what we now call magicians.  Yet, many evangelicals still think of it as witchcraft.

That said, the evangelicals have produced many new “translations” of The Bible, each purported to be more accurate than any other.  That is a logical impossibility, of course.  The primary objective of each is to espouse the particular beliefs of various groups.

Now, doesn’t that follow Bacon’s “Idols”?  I’m sure you can think of more examples.

COLLEGE.  It’s important even if you do not like it and I do not.  The President is elected by the Electoral College, not by popular vote.  We can and must fight to win the Electoral College vote and not worry so much about the national popular vote.  When you look at the polls, the national polls of voters (potential voters or just registered voters) are oriented to the nationwide popular vote.  Instead, look at the polls for each state and count the Electoral College votes that state might grant.  It is not an easy task, but it is the necessary task.

Yes, your vote counts, but instead of counting towards electing a President, it goes towards electing Virginia’s Electors who will, in turn, vote to elect a President.  Work the system.  If you want more information, start here and you may understand why it currently favors republicans.

CORONOVIRUS – NON-POLITICALHere is what one noted pathologist wrote to his friends and family about how to keep the coronavirus – or any virus – at bay.  One step is taking zinc, but there is a lot more and it is good, common sense stuff.

For those worried about it being near you or where you are going, use this site.

DO NOTHING REPUBLICANSThis brief video highlights what major legislation Mitch McConnell and the Senate republicans have simply refused to look at.  Most of it would empower people rather than corporations.

HATE SPEECH.  Regretfully, it continues.  After a Target advertisement showcasing a black-owned company that supplies some of the products they sell, the hate speech flooded in.  Read more about it in this CNN article.

WHY YOU ARE VOTING?  The following came through a friend from James Day.  It is quoted as received, including the “Edit”, and was received after the primary in Virginia.  Don’t worry about who he is – you probably don’t know of him – but think about what he has to say:

So because the D primary has so rapidly coalesced already, remember this:  If it turns out to be Biden — as disappointed as many would be — please remember:

  1. You’re not just voting for President.
  2. You’re voting for who replaces RBG on the Supreme Court.
  3. You’re voting for the next Secretary of Education.
  4. You’re voting for federal judges.
  5. You’re voting for the rule of law.
  6. You’re voting for saving national parks.
  7. You’re voting for letting kids out of cages.
  8. You’re voting for clean air and clean water.
  9. You’re voting for scientists to be allowed to speak about climate change.
  10. You’re voting for what a President says and does on Twitter.
  11. You’re voting for housing rights.
  12. You’re voting for LGBTQ people to be treated with dignity.
  13. You’re voting for non-Christians to be able to adopt and to feel like full citizens.
  14. You’re voting for Dreamers.
  15. You’re voting so that there will be Social Security and Medicare when you retire.
  16. You’re voting for veterans to get the care they deserve.
  17. You’re voting for rural hospitals.
  18. You’re voting so that someone else can have health insurance.
  19. You’re voting for the preservation of PBS.
  20. You’re voting to have a President who doesn’t embarrass this country every time she or he attends an international meeting.
  21. And you’re voting against allowing the USA to become yet another authoritarian regime.

Edit: 22. You’re voting for sensible gun laws.

No Democrat is perfect.

Your first AND second choices may have dropped out. Your third might. But the nominee, no matter who she or he is, won’t be perfect. They won’t pass your purity test. And yet every single one of them will be better than four more years of Trump!!!

Please be reasonable.

Share widely so we can stay united!

CONFOUNDS THE SCIENCE.  Enjoy this brief music video.  Here is the second part.

BATTLE HYMN.  While we are on satirical political music videos, try this one.

SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.  This comes in the “Me thinkest thou protest too much” category.  Former congressman Aaron Schock was caught in a scandal involving his use of public and campaign funds.  No surprise there.  He’s a republican.  He also consistently voted against all LGBTQ issues including opposing same-sex marriage and for repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.”  But, of course, he’s a republican.  Now that he was caught with his pants down, so to speak, he has come out as gay.  Learn more about this traitorous person in this Huffington Post article.

QUARANTINE.  The trump administration is asking thousands of people to self-quarantine against the latest virus threat.  The check via phone and if you miss some calls, the consider elevating the quarantine.  According to this CNN article, the feds left it to the local community to make up lost wages and inability to get out for food and supplies.  Let’s hope this isn’t elevated in an attempt to keep people home from the polls in November.

RUSSIAN SUPPORT.  This is not about trump.  It seems Russian media coverage may be giving 21 times as much positive coverage to Sanders as to Biden.  Read this Newsweek article and make up your own mind what that means.

1912 ALL OVER AGAIN.  Remember the 1912 presidential election?  Neither do I – it was before my time.  However, that election has an important lesson for Democrats.  Republican Theodore Roosevelt’s friend and VP fell out of favor with Roosevelt, just as pence has with trump.  This resulting in fragmenting the republican party.  Taft was the opponent and the favored of the republican party.  Roosevelt had to wrest control of the party in order to win the nomination, but Wilson won the presidency.  Note that trump has already taken control of the party.  Read this CNN article for more information.  Remember that we need to go into November with full support behind whomever the Democratic candidate may be.

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