March 16th Phil-osophy

Legislative Victories in Virginia; News from the Democratic Party of Virginia about caucuses and more during the pandemic; our news and information from Phil from a variety of news sources.

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Virginia General Assembly, March, 2020–Important Progress

Constitutional amendment (second resolution); apportionment; Virginia Redistricting Commission. Establishes the Virginia Redistricting Commission, a 16-member Commission tasked with establishing districts for the United States House of Representatives and for the Senate and the House of Delegates of the General Assembly. The Commission consists of eight legislative members and eight citizen members. The legislative members consist of four members of the Senate of Virginia and four members of the House of Delegates, with equal representation given to the political parties having the highest and next highest number of members in their respective houses. The citizen members are selected by a selection

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Charles Uphaus, “The Top Cop”

The President is arguably correct that he is the country’s “chief law enforcement officer,” and that he has the “right” to involve himself in Justice Depart matters. However, past presidents – with the possible exception of Richard Nixon – have had the sense to realize that this authority is a sword that cuts both ways. At some point someone of the other party is going to be in the White House again, and could very well use the precedents being established now to turn the Justice Department to his or her own very different political ends. Should that happen, what

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Clever Poetry from Anonymous

Post Impeachment Revenge Syndrome Since the Senate Set him free He’s been on A get-even spree. Those who dared To cross his path Were the targets Of his wrath. Those who dared To testify He was quick To vilify. Even a judge, Even a jury Were not safe From his fury. Democrats, media Both the same. He made sure Both to blame. To make him happy Here’s what to do: Get you down On bended knee And pledge him Undying loyalty. And his praises You must sing For he is your Almighty King. And if you want to be At the

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March 9th: Political Cartoons to Entertain and Educate and PHIL-osophy

HEALTH CARE?  So just how well is the trump administration handling the coronavirus problem?  The US State Department, despite objections by the Center for Disease Control, permitted 14 infected people on an airplane the administration had promised would be free of infected people. Read more about it in this Snopes article. HE DID IT AGAIN.  He appointed someone unfamiliar with security to head security.  He did the same in other areas. Now, trump has appointed Pence to lead the coronavirus team.  It will be another case of the blind dictating the sighted as to what they see. By the way,

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