WFCDC Weekly PULSE: April 13th, 2020




Everyone who would like to attend will have the link and will click in at the scheduled time (7:30). Because we have no contested seat in any Ward or District (only one candidate in each, and still searching for a Fourth Ward Candidate), we have cancelled the First Ward Voting Caucus that had been previously scheduled for that evening. Irina Khanin (contested seat for First Ward) has had to suspend her campaign. During these unprecedented times, we HOPE all will attend!


Contact Karen Nelson to get POSTCARDS to write to encourage people to VOTE in November. It seems like a long way off, but once the quarantine lifts, we will all get busy, so why not get to work now–we will be so happy to be ahead of the game! Reach KAREN at (301) 351-5538 or She will deliver to porches! Thank you, Karen!


Individuals wanting to donate blood can set an appointment at our local Red Cross offices.
Winchester Blood Donation Center
561 Fortress Dr Winchester, VA 22601

Suggestion: Wear Cloth Masks to Prevent Spread


THIS IS HOW IT IS DONEThis is an address by Queen Elizabeth II concerning COVID-19.  It’s less than 5 minutes long, but so full of comfort and support.  Compare her speech to what trump said.  She references the lyrics of a song in her speech.  You can hear the very emotional original 1939 version here.

One tweeted quote in reaction was “The queen’s speech is so heartbreakingly good.  It stands in stark contrast to the filth being uttered in the White House press briefing room and is a sad reminder of our lack of leadership”.  Another was “Take us back, please.  We’ll embrace the Oxford comma and start adding u’s to words like colour.”

WANT TO HELP?  In times like these, good Democrats step up to help out others.  You may have your favorite way of helping, but in case you would like some ideas, check out this CNN article that lists many vetted charitable organizations.

THE MAN IN CHARGE.  This isn’t about trump, at least not directly.  If you were in charge of a very large group of people living and working in a close environment and 100 of them came down with COVID-19, what would you do?  Would you try to get help for them any and every way you could or would you wait for someone else to find help.  Any reasonable person would go for the quickest way to get help in whatever way they could.  When the commanding officer for the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt tried to do the right thing in exactly that situation, he was relieved of command for not waiting until long-requested help was provided by his superiors.  As he left the ship, his crew gave him a rousing cheer of admiration.  To me, it sounds like the acting Navy Secretary, who dismissed the Captain, was trying to cover up something – probably his lack of action in time of need.  Read more about it here.  Of course, trumpsupported his acting Navy Secretary.

WHERE WERE THERE DELAYS?  Mitch “the turtle” McConnell claims there were delays to the COVID-19 response because of the impeachment proceedings.  However, a look at the timetable and activities tells a different story.  Read this Snopes copy of an AP article that puts the blame on Nero (trump) fiddling while people died.

THANK GROCERY WORKERS!  These people are in low-paying jobs, yet their lives are on the line to help provide us with the food we need.  As you may imagine, they are frightened.  Read about it in this Snopes copy of an AP article.

VOTING.  The Democratic governor of Wisconsin asked the republican controlled legislature to change their May primary to all voting by mail.  The republicans ignored the request.  Read more about is in this Snopes copy of an AP article.

As an update, the republican-led Wisconsin Supreme court backed the republican legislature on this issue.  The election took place with only 5 polling places instead of the usual 180 in Milwaukee.  There were many other problems that you can read about hereHere is a photo and article of republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in protective gear telling people they were “incredibly safe” to vote in person on election day.

HOSTELS.  With people no longer traveling, you would think hotels would be experiencing low if any business.  In fact, some hotels have shut down for the time being.  Hostels are having the problem, too.  However, hostels now have a different clientele than in the past.  Stranded travelers find them affordable places to stay for the duration.  Here is a CNN travel article about the hostels.

DRIVERS.  For many decades, men have grumbled about women drivers.  As it turns out, in five of six categories of vehicles, men are more dangerous than women to themselves and other road users – especially so in trucks and motorcycles.  Here is a CNN article about it.

THE ROAD AHEAD.  What is in store for us once we start recovery from this pandemic?  Here is the view of two respected economists.  It isn’t pretty, but it is very believable and helps us prepare for the long run.

PAYING FOR PANDEMICS.  Who should pay?  Here, one epidemiologist explains his reasoning that it should be the insurance companies.

CORRUPTION COMING.  That may happen since trump fired the person overseeing the $2 trillion stimulus fund without giving any real non-political reason.  The acting inspector general was selected by a group of independent federal watchdogs.  Now he wants to put in his own select person, thereby undermining the credibility of the position and better allowing corruption to occur.  Read more about it here.

GOOD NEWS!  As part of the $2 pandemic stimulus package, trump’sfamily businesses will be barred from receiving some forms of aid in the package.  He isn’t alone.  The prohibition extends the VP, the heads of executive departments, and all members of Congress.  This is how laws should be written.  Read more about it here.

SINGLE-PAYER HEALTH INSURANCE.  Can you believe trumpsupporting it?  He did, but probably doesn’t recognize he did.  When other politicians of his own party urged him top open up early enrollment in the ACA, he refused and said the federal government would pay for the hospital bills of those without insurance.  Read this NVD article for more.  Some of it may make you smile.

SUPREME COURT & NOVEMBER ELECTION.  It seems the US Supreme Court may be tipping the scales towards a reelection, per thisarticle and video.  The video with the article also gets into other issues, such as if trump has the authority to change the date of the general election.  Also covered is insider trading and if or should trump order companies to manufacture goods to help in a pandemic.  Read the article and learn of some tactics that may be used by the fake news sites.

Tied to that is this CNN opinion piece that the November election may be all about trump.  Regretfully, I fear that may be true when there are so many good issues at stake.

EARLY WARNING.  There has been only one president in this country that managed to stoop anywhere near the low depths of stupidity of our current president.  Watch this video that demonstrates he was far smarter than the current one.

MINE, NOT YOURS.  Jared Kushner told the press that the strategic stockpile of medical supplies wasn’t supposed to be for the states, but was “our stockpile”, meaning for only the feds to use.  That contradicted what was on the government’s Public Health Emergency website.  Per this Snopes article, the website was changed the day after Kushner made his remark.

TAKING SIDES.  As we get closer to the election in November, remember these simple equations shared by a friend:

            “Never Biden” = a vote for trump

            “I’m voting Green Party” = a vote for trump

            “Write in Bernie” = a vote for trump

            “Meh, I’ll stay home” = a vote for trump

If you’re a trump voter, own it, but don’t dress it up as a protest.

My friend continued with the following:

Oddly, if you’re using one of the excuses above, you seem to be ignoring a hard reality:

That post speaks to neither your intent nor your motives (which may indeed be sincere), but rather to the direct (and perhaps naïvely unexpected) result of those actions on your part.

If this nation is to survive the wanton destruction brought by these past years of Twitler and his evil co-conspirators, those of us who are uninspired by Biden (I’m one of them), or who even consider him immoral, absolutely must hold our noses and vote for him just as we would have needed to vote for any other Democratic candidate.

This may well be a close election, so every single vote (including yours) counts.

Yes, Biden may well not represent the political hopes and dreams other candidates promised you, and our entire electoral system does indeed have flaws, but at this point in our nation’s history, this is our one single chance to ensure that it has any future history at all.

Right now, platforms, promises, and priorities don’t matter. What counts is simply =winning=. We can consider the details after Biden’s inauguration.

If we don’t elect a Democratic president, what’s left of this once great nation is doomed, and you won’t want to be a reason that happened.

Governor Northam Announces Plans to Postpone Upcoming Virginia Elections in Response to COVID-19
~ Governor delays June primary by two weeks, 
asks General Assembly to move May elections to November ~
RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today requested the General Assembly move the May General Election and all special elections scheduled for May 5, 2020 to the November 3, 2020 General Election date to further mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The Governor is also exercising his statutory authority (§ 24.2-603.1 of the Code of Virginia) to move the June primary elections from June 9, 2020 to June 23, 2020. 
“As other states have shown, conducting an election in the middle of this global pandemic would bring unprecedented challenges and potential risk to voters and those who work at polling places across the Commonwealth,” said Governor Northam. “Making these decisions now will help election officials prepare and implement the necessary changes. This is about protecting the health and safety of Virginians during this pandemic and ensuring our citizens can make their voices heard in a safe, fair, and uniform manner. I urge the General Assembly to do their part and take action to move our upcoming elections.” 
“Free and fair elections are at the core of our democracy and no Virginian should have to choose between their health and exercising their right to vote, said Attorney General Herring. “I’m proud to have worked closely with Governor Northam and his team on a solution that protects both public health and the integrity of our elections.” 
Moving the upcoming May elections requires action by the General Assembly. The plan the Governor is proposing includes the following measures:
·     There will be one ballot in November.
·     Voters who are qualified in November will be able to vote in November. An individual who was not qualified in May but is qualified in November will be able to vote.
·     All absentee ballots already cast will be discarded. Virginians will have an opportunity to vote for local elected officials in November.
·     Those officials whose terms are to expire as of June 30, 2020 will continue in office until their successors have been elected on the November 3, 2020 and have been qualified to serve.
For additional resources and information about Virginia’s COVID-19 response, please visit

Here’s a tease for the Wednesday Humor Mid-Week Pulse: All Your Pain in One Video

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