WFCDC Weekly Pulse: April 20th, 2020

IT WILL BE THERE.  Regretfully, per this Snopes article, trump’s name will be on the stimulus checks in the memo line.  It is the first time that a president’s name is on an IRS disbursement.

Invitation to Virtual Discussion Event: Slay the Dragon, The Politics of Gerrymandering

In the newly released documentary “Slay the Dragon,” filmmakers Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance shine a light on the process and the strategy of gerrymandering.

Watch the film before the discussion, or simply join the discussion. Virtual film viewing ($6.99–proceeds go to supporting the Alamo during the pandemic closure).

Monday, April 20th Discussion, 7:00 pm. To ensure that you receive an email with the link to join the discussion, email Dr. Michael Romano,

Don’t have time to view the film but want to attend the discussion? GERRYMANDERING & VOTER RESTRICTIONS.  Should these be permitted?  Read this NVD opinion piece.

public art community mural project artists youth arts painting

Interested in supporting a local organization supporting youth of color and communities affected by Covid-19 that promotes art as a way to uplift and engage people during this time of crisis and trauma? During the month of May, ARTE LIBRE in the TIME of CORONA pledges to deliver ALVA Art Kits for up to 240 participating youth at no cost to them. Following this initial phase, they will move into phases two and three to involve local artists and youth creating murals in our locale. Click here to read and view more about this exciting program for area youth, and consider donating to this nonprofit organization!


ARE THEY KILLERS?  Read this NPR article to see if you agree with one assessment of far-right republicans in Idaho and elsewhere defying legal orders to remain at home and keep social distancing as much as possible.  Would the same assessment apply to trump?

BRIEF HISTORY OF CORONAVIRUS.  Read this very brief article to learn the history.  As it points out, of the 7 known to infect humans, only 3 do so widely and seriously.

BAD NEWS ON ANTIBODY TESTING.  It isn’t as good as some would have you believe, per thisCNN Health article.

WHAT ABOUT WHO?  Read this Snopes article to find out what trump’s actions mean to the World Health Organization and the world.  It isn’t good.

NAME CHANGE.  The WHO wants to rebrand “social distancing” to be known as “physical distancing” and for good reason.  Find out why here.

$1 GAS.  In some places, gasoline is selling for under a dollar a gallon.  Could this be another nail in the coffin for the oil industry?  Read about it here.

REMEMBERING.  As you may expect, trump doesn’t want you to remember what he said.  This short video gets into it.

GASLIGHTING AS ADVERTISING.  That is what we can expect as the current crises slows.  Read about it here.

COVID-19 ANSWERS.  To know about WHO-recommended disinfectants, read here.  To find out if warm weather will make COVID-19 go away, read here.  To find out if COVID-19 tests are accurate, read here.

QUOTE:  Unlike Trump, Biden is not an international embarrassment, nor does he demonstrate malignant narcissism.  A President Biden will steady the ship of state and begin binding up the wounds of a fractured country.  We have faith that Biden will surround himself by advisers of competence, expertise and wisdom, not an endless parade of disposable lackeys.  ~ The Board members of the Lincoln Project, an organization of prominent Republicans

GREETINGS.  There are better ways to greet people that maintain physical distancing than to bump elbows per this CNN article.  I like the ASL wave or the (not on the list) Japanese bow.

WHERE THE TAX STIMULUS GOES.  Per this The Guardian article, 80% of the coronavirus tax change stimulus goes to people who make a million or more each year.

Virginia is proud to be last in this list and invites casual travelers from other states to stay the hell away for the duration: Our gov is a doc.  Can you say the same for yours?

We are proud of Michigan Voters!

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