WFCDC Weekly Pulse: April 27th, 2020

Anyone who has not viewed this Quarantine Through Art video will want to view it now. It is lovely, in every way.

Children’s voices lift us above this pandemic.

Creative Facemasks? YES!

Need a laugh before Wednesday? Click here to see one woman sharing her sewing techniques (spoiler alert: next time she might stick with rubber bands and bandana).

And for full-body bellows, Click here! (THE LIAR TWEETS TONIGHT)  Enjoy!


HYPOCRISY OF “OPEN IT UP”.  It is dangerous “morality”, per this religion editor.

ENDING LOCKDOWN.  Denver did it after 5 weeks of lockdown so they could celebrate the end of WWI.  Read this to find out what happened.

CRAZY FOX DOCS.  Why does Fox News keep inviting in doctors who provide COVID-19 advice that goes against what the real experts say?  This video and article tell you about it.

TO TELL THE TRUTH.  You will like what Piers Morgan, a trumpfriend, has to say about what trump is doing about COVID-19.  It’s in this video.

GOOD HEALTH NEWSThis article tells how one hospital uses common technology to care for patients without spreading disease.

“THEY’RE KILLING US”.  Read this article to understand why people are saying that about trump policies in Texas.

SUMMER & COVID-19.  The coronavirus survives at 190 degrees Fahrenheit, per French researchers in this article.

ANTI-SEMITIC COVID-19 PROTESTS.  Yes, anti-Semitic and other extreme right signs are showing up at anti-lockdown protests, per this Snopes article.

MILLIONAIRE STIMULUS.  Read this article to understand how over 43,000 U.S. millionaires will average $1.6 million each in COVID-19 stimulus benefits.

UNHEALTHY VOTING.  Per this article, republicans forced Wisconsin people to vote in person and, despite keeping distances, many using masks, and other standard practices, it appears at least 6 voters and one poll worker contracted COVID-19 as a result of voting.

HOME COVID-19 TESTS NOW (ALMOST) AVAILABLE.  Only one home test has been approved, per this article, but it costs $119, including shipping both ways, and currently is available only to health care workers and first responders.  You need doctor’s orders to get it.

GOOD NEWS!  Per this article, it seems COVID-19 may not be transmitted sexually.  Now all we have to do is to make sure the other body parts don’t touch.

INCREASING ANTI-SCIENCE.  What happens when trumpincreases his anti-science stance on things like the environment or CONVID-19?  Read this analysis.

REMOTE CONTROLLING PEOPLE.  Why?  Because it is good for people when done with good cause, as you can tell in this article.

OPENING UP THE STREETS.  Not for cars but for good reasons, per this article.

NATIONALIZE OIL?  There is an argument for it, per this article.

ENABLER-IN-CHIEF.  Why would Mitch McConnell want such a position?  Read this NPR interview and find out what he gets out of it.  You will find some surprising information.

MEGHAN LOVES JOE.  Per this article, complete with videos, Meghan McCain, daughter of the late republican Senator John McCain, prefers Joe Biden as the next President.

BIDEN’S CORONAVIRUS ADVISORY GROUP.  Why don’t we hear from them?  There is a good reason, per this report.

MOTHERLY POLITICAL ADVICE.  What advice would you receive if your mother had almost 70 successful years in politics?  This article gives a good answer to that.

THERE IS HOPE.  Per this article, there may soon be a vaccine for COVID-19.  However, read the article carefully as there is considerable risk in jumping to an early conclusion that is documented in history on a big disastrous scale.

Trump says he will block coronavirus aid for U.S. Postal Service if it doesn’t hike prices immediately.

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