WFCDC Weekly Pulse: July 20th, 2020

The Winchester NAACP is sponsoring a Voter Registration Training!

WEDNESDAY, July 22 at 6.30pm

Pavilion on Maple Drive (next to the War Memorial)

There are 3 million people in Virginia who are not currently registered and the deadline is quickly approaching. If you want to help create REAL CHANGE in November, volunteer to help get people registered! Contact to RSVP


Sign Painting Part Two

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our (physically distanced) sign painting party last week! It went so well we’re doing it again:

TODAY: Monday, July 20 from 9am — 1pm

1747 Handley Ave, Winchester 22601

Bring your creative ideas and wear painting clothes. We will have close to 200 signs of varying designs. If YOU have a good place to display a large sign, please let us know! Call Kate at 540-533-7234. These signs will help us meet our goal of 86-ing 45 on 11-3-2020!

Part II of The Community and Law Enforcement Relations

Saturday July 25, from 1pm — 3pm

Virginia Avenue Charlotte Dehart Elementary School Cafeteria

Please Register Here

Due to high interest in this event, please submit any topics or questions for discussion in advance at the registration Website.

With support from these community collaborators: Stephan Johnson, Vivian Walker, Shayla Cary, Troy Sloane, Chief Piper, Sherriff Les Taylor, Gwen Borders-Walker, Pastor Kevin Wilson, Hussein Rashawn, Latasha Do’zia, and Corissa Hubbard.                   

Just an FYI: Thanks to the Democratic majority we elected to Virginia’s General Assembly, an ID is no longer needed to vote in Virginia (and of course, the republicans don’t like it). Check out a full list of 2020 changes to Virginia’s Election Laws here . (Thanks Phil!)

A chart to consider: 

While everyone wants students to return to schools in the fall, there are still good reasons to worry about what that would mean for the health of students and teachers — especially given that reopening schools will disproportionately affect Black, brown, and POC students. Here’s a re-post of a teacher perspective about school re-opening:

What Teachers Wish You Knew About Remote Teaching & Learning

  • Despite the belief of some, we tried our hardest in the spring
  • We want to be back at school with our students, but realize it’s not the safest option right now
  • We don’t prefer virtual learning, but know it’s the safest option during a global pandemic
  • We stress over decisions that are not best for kids; we will likely lose sleep over the equity issues surrounding virtual learning
  • We throroughly enjoy being in our classroom; it’s like our second home. We hate that it’s not safe to be there right now
  • We are often expected to be superhuman, but we’re not. We have families & elderly relatives just like you do
  • No matter what is decided, we are not to blame. We likely had nothing to do with the decision
  • We’re often asked to choose our job over our own families, but this is where we draw the line
  • We can’t wait to be back at school with our students, as soon as it’s safe

Another chart to consider… wouldn’t it be nice to have a competent government again?




THE END IS NOT NEAR.  We all hope a vaccine for COVID-19 will end the pandemic.  Regretfully, it takes time to get it produced, distributed, and used to a large enough extent that we see it under control.  Even then, it doesn’t mean a complete end, only that we have it managed well enough that it isn’t as big of a problem.  Here is a good article on it.  Also, read here for info on a promising vaccine.

VOTING ISSUES.  Yes, trump is still attacking mail-in voting despite no evidence of it being fraudulent in enough cases to matter.  Per this article, he could be setting the country up for a disaster of an election.

In Virginia, you no longer need an excuse to vote early.  You can vote early in person starting September 18 this year.  In Winchester, do that at 107 East Lane.  For the county, vote at 107 North Kent.  Although they will be open Monday through Friday, except holidays, check with the office for hours.  They are also open on the two Saturdays of October 24 and 31.

If you want to vote absentee by mail, request it NOW. Complete and return it as soon as possible following instructions carefully.  You request vote by mail at the above addresses or online at either Virginia Department of Elections or  Some people find a little easier to use.  Both are reliable.

Despite false rumors to the contrary, all valid mail-in and early voting ballots are counted and included in the official results.

If you know someone who has not registered to vote, but is eligible to do wo, go through one of the two web sites above for absentee voting.  Although they can register through DMV, that route, although better, is still often problematic.  They must register no later than October 13, but it is better to register earlier.

COVID SUCCESS STORY.  There is a nation that is well ahead of others in COVID testing and robot caregivers.  Of course, it isn’t the U.S.  Read this incredible article to find out which nation.  It is one you probably wouldn’t guess.

PROMOTING GOYA.  It seems to be an ethics rule violation, but the trump family is now promoting Goya products from the White House.  Learn more here.

WHO VOTES ILLEGALLY?  For one, check out the record on this congressman.

IMMIGRATION CAN SAVE THE U.S.  That’s what this opinion piece says and it has some good logic.  Remember that capitalism needs population growth.  Earth is likely to experience negative population growth later in this century.

HOW BIDEN WINS.  You will enjoy and agree with this opinion piece from Al Franken.

NICE VIEWS.  This is just for your enjoyment – no politics.  Ever get a little tired of the view out your window?  Now there is a solution.  WindowSwap is a free site that gives you videos of the views out the windows of homes in other places and the views are incredible!

TOO HOT TO WORK.  That’s what climate specialists are saying may be true about summers by 2070, per this article.

JUDGE SAYS YES TO NEW DACA APPLICATIONS.  Per this article, a U.S. District Court ruled that the trump administration must accept DACA applications, overturning a trump edict.

VOTE!  In 2018, 54.4% of registered voters voted in the general election.  That’s better than the national average of 50% for that election, but not as good as Minnesota’s 64.2%.  For this November, let’s shoot for 100%.

JAILS VERSUS MENTAL ILLNESS.  In this article, psychiatrist Christine Montross argues that jails, prisons, and sometimes stays in hospitals can make mental illness worse.  Police sometimes arrest and jail homeless people who are mentally ill.  It makes no sense.


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