WFCDC Weekly Pulse: July 6th, 2020–Candidates’ LIVE LINKS


Our Local Candidates and Their Websites

It’s not just Wexton, Warner, & Biden we need to elect in November: Winchester has its own fantastic candidates who could use our support. Click through to their websites & social media to learn more about them, and click here for the Winchester Star article covering our candidate announcements


Winchester City: Mayor John David Smith

Facebook & Instagram

First Ward: Richard Bell 

Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube

Second Ward: John Hill


Third Ward: Ryan Hall

Facebook & ActBlue

Fourth Ward: Phil Milstead


– Alright PHIL!!! -June 12, 2020"A Ward 4 resident who recently retired from NASA is challenging Republican John…

Posted by Winchester-Frederick County Democratic Committee on Saturday, June 13, 2020


Frederick County Board of Supervisors, Shawnee District: Richard Kennedy

Facebook & ActBlue


We need volunteers to make signs!

Whether it’s donating cardboard boxes you might be accumulating or helping out with painting, please sign up to help make signs with our Chair Bill Fuller & other committee members by emailing Bill at Thanks!


Good Things Happen When We Elect Democrats

Last week on July 1, a slate of new progressive legislation took effect. Because of the historic Democratic majority we elected to our General Assembly in 2019, Virginia passed the Equal Rights Amendment (becoming the final state needed to ratify it to the U.S. Constitution) & over 1,200 new laws addressing:

  • Common-sense gun control
  • Voting & Election Day
  • Reproductive rights
  • Progressive environmental measures
  • LGBTQ+ protections (including banning conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth, becoming the first state in the U.S. South to do so)
  • Marijuana decriminalization
  • Immigration/citizenship
  • Health insurance (for insulin)

and much more. Head to the VA House Dems website or to this article to read more, and let this energize your work to elect Democratic majorities again in November!


In case you missed it: Biden delivered a very different kind of Fourth of July speech over the weekend. Check it out below

On July 7th, the Black Lives Matter movement is holding a nationwide economic blackout. Black people account for $1.2 trillion in annual US spending — and in the spirit of “voting with your dollars”, one day of not spending money in solidarity would speak volumes. Go to to learn more.

Some food for thought:

We could be witnessing the deciding battle of the culture wars

Enjoy: trump’s not the only Republican who’s gone off the rails…




“ASK NOT…”.  Here is a great article about the politics of the COVID pandemic.  It shows who the real patriots are.

COVER YOUR FREAKIN’ FACE!  Enjoy this latest not-a-fan-of-trump parody from Randy Rainbow.

MISSISSIPPI MAYOR TELLS TRUTH.  ANTIFA not coming, COVID-19 not a hoax, etc.  Learn here about a Mississippi mayor who, unlike trump, tells it like it is.

HE KNEW ABOUT THE BOUNTIES OVER A YEAR AGO.  It seems the assessment about Russian bounties to kill American soldiers was in at least one of trump’s intelligence assessment in March 2019, per this article.

RICHARD SPENCER & DAVID DUKE BANNED!  Over a year after YouTube said they would ban supremacist content, they finally got around to banning these two, per this article.

WHAT IS VOTER FRAUD?  Here is a good article explaining voter fraud and the real truth about the efforts to prevent it.

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.  You really need to read this article about phone calls made by trump.  It’s good reason to get him out of office and behind bars or in a mental institute.

BUILDING NEW STATUES.  Here is an article that suggests some new statues to replace those that are removed.  I think you will find the list inspiring.

WALL BETWEEN CHURCH & STATE BULLDOZED.  The U.S. Supreme Court says states are required to fund religious schools, per this article.

WHAT IF HE GIVES UP?  This article addresses what could happen if trump decides there is no way he can win in November and gives up.  It isn’t pretty.

“SEE NO EVIL” PRESIDENT.  That what this article calls trump.  I suspect you will agree.

AMERICA’S LOST VOICE.  American is losing its voice in other countries.  Appointees of trump are changing Voice of America and other broadcasting run by the U.S., per this video.

CORONAVIRUS PARTIES.  It’s insane, but kids in Alabama and other states are throwing parties just to see who gets infected first.  Read more about it here.  By the Tuscaloosa is where the main campus of the University of Alabama resides.

MONEY TO A THIEF.  Now trump has loaned $700 million in taxpayer dollars to a company that ripped off the US. for years.  Read more about it here.

HIS RALLY AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE.  On July 4th, trump is holding a rally in disguise as a celebration and it will cost some $13 million, mostly at taxpayer expense.  Read about it here.

QUOTE:  America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.  ~ Abraham Lincoln

MONUMENTS, WARRIORS, REDTAILS.  What are some of the possibilities if the Washington Redskins change their name?  It isn’t a sports question, but one of dignity and honor.  Read about these and other possibilities here.

EU TURNS TO CHINA, NOT US.  Per this article, the European Union is now turning to China for trade deals, climate accords, and other interests.  They are leaving their long-standing relationship with the U.S.




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