WFCDC Weekly Pulse: June 1st, 2020

Disappointed, dismayed, deranged, or depleted by this week’s news? Time to look toward November with renewed passion. Here is the PDF application to request a BALLOT FOR NOVEMBER. People may begin sending in their ballots on September 21st – but REQUEST an absentee ballot for November right now.

Happy DIY Home has published an updated, comprehensive guide on how to make five types of DIY face masks. It is completely free and you can find instructions here:
Covid-19 continues to be dangerous. Widespread disregard for recommended safe practices will only increase the catastrophic results we’ve already witnessed.   Global Deaths Due to Various Causes and Covid-19
From the NAACP’s “George Floyd Response:
“We must keep our focus on redressing the systemic racism against our community that led to this tragedy. We cannot afford to do so while losing more Black sons and daughters. We must protest peacefully, demand persistently, and fight politically. But most of all, we must vote in November.”
“The systemic racism and prejudice ingrained in the fabric of this nation for decades and is currently being refueled and reinvigorated by President Trump.  “This is not new. We have seen this before, and we have persevered. Let’s work together to channel our frustration to create the change we seek.”

Stay tuned for further information about a vigil in Winchester led by our local NAACP and the group “I Can’t Breathe Winchester.”


IMPOTENCE IN OFFICE.  To understand the true impact trump’s self-positive attitude has in fighting COVID-19, read this great article.

WATCH FOR THE SPREAD.  We will probably see another surge in the current pandemic, per this article, as thousands of churches open up to large crowds of people in defiance of state orders not to do so.

Covid-19 continues to be dangerous. Widespread disregard for recommended safe practices will only increase the catastrophic results we’ve already witnessed.   Global Deaths Due to Various Causes and Covid-19

COVID-19 Q&AHere is the best set of questions and answers on how to avoid becoming ill in this pandemic that I’ve seen.  It answers many types of questions such as riding in elevators (avoid if possible) and eating foods (stomach acids kill COVID-19).

CHRISTIAN RIGHT IMMORALITYHere is an article that tells of a deathbed confession of lies bought by the religious “right” and used all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

SACRIFICIAL WORKERS.  Many low-paid workers put their lives at risk to stay employed by companies that do not provide the appropriate safety environment for their workers.  Read about it here.

SUMMER FUNHere are 100 suggestions for fun this summer while staying healthy.  Adults, see number 100 among many others.

ANTI-LOCKDOWN PROTEST ORIGIN.  It wasn’t exactly a white nationalist group.  Read here for the real origin and goal of the anti-lockdown movement.

NATIONAL CONVENTIONS.  It seems trump wants a full house at the republican convention, despite the governor saying it may not be possible.  Read this to get some feel how the conventions may be held and what they will look like, plus know trump is being silly.

WHAT REALLY HURT THE ECONOMY?  Here is an article that takes a view of the economic hurt with which I think you will agree.

SHE IS SCARED FOR A GOOD REASON.  The official overseeing epidemic preparedness for the National Security Council under Obama was dismissed by trump.  She is scared that the current administration has put our nation in grave danger, per this report.

EXTINCTION TREAT.  Per this short article, over a million animal and plant species were under extinction threat last year and it isn’t getting better.

FIREWORKS & INSECTS.  We’re getting to that season.  For the fun of it, this brief blurb and the study to which it links discusses the use of insect names as firework names.

OPENING BOTS.  As stated in this article, Carnegie Mellon University studied over 200 million tweets calling for US reopening despite the pandemic.  They determined that about half come from bots.  In other words, the reopening movement is being fanned by a few people spreading dishonest information.

TWITTER CALLS OUT HIS LIE .  Yes, Twitter labeled trump tweets as misleading, per this video and article.  Well done, Twitter!  Of course, trump responded by threatening to regulate social media, per this report.  Gee, I though republicans were against more regulations.

“WHAT A LITTLE MAN”.  Per this video, that is what Anderson Cooper had to say about trump spreading false rumors about a deceased woman.

JOB LOSS JUST PUNISHMENT.  Per this article, a man lost his job because he protested.  When you see how and why he protested, I think you will agree with his employer.

COVID CONFLICT OF INTEREST?  It seems at least one person on Pence’s staff may have major conflicts of interest, per this article.

WHO GETS A CONTRACT?  This article and video point out that the feds are awarding contracts for medical supplies to companies that have never produced medical supplies.  As you might expect, the return is dismal.  Some companies have White House connections.  I call it fraud.

GERM WARFARE.  That is what republicans are doing in Pennsylvania.  As you can read here, a republican member of the state House told republicans that he tested COVID-19 positive and went into self-quarantine.  He met with many Democrats prior to quarantine, but didn’t tell them his status until after coming out of quarantine.

WE ARE BEING THREATENED.  Per this article, trump retweeted a video of someone in New Mexico saying “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat”.

MOST MENDACIOUSThis column says trump is the most mendacious president in U.S. history.  I think you will agree with the author.


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