WFCDC Weekly Pulse: June 22, 2020

Our WFCDC General Meeting is this week!
Thursday June 25th, 2020
Zoom at 6:30pm.
Senator Warner and Congresswomen Wexton will speak, alongside other Chairs of Committees who will also share their progress.

Members will need to make reservations (to help us maintain security), and we have “space” for 100 participants; if we get more reservations, we will increase our license to allow space for all who want to participate.


SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 2020 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Shenandoah University, James R. Wilkins Jr Athletics & Event Center (and virtual)
Moderated by Dr. Miles Davis

In-person capacity is limited. Please join us on Zoom or on social media. RSVP HERE.

Donate to CANDIDATE CAMPAIGNS — National, State, Local: Generous Members are Matching Gifts 4 to 1!

As Democrats, our success has always been person to person helping our neighbors get out to vote.  Without a door to door campaign we will find different ways to personalize our get out the vote effort.The Executive Committee of WFCDC is writing to ask that members and friends consider donating to help our candidates win in November. We have raised $4,000 toward our goal of $5,000. Your gift will be matched 4 to 1.

WFCDC has committed $2,000 to invest in new ads to promote our candidates. A few very generous members have pledged $2,000. YOUR donation will help to place ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to reach out to young voters.  We will also purchase radio and print media ads to make our candidates’ household names.

We will make yard signs available to our members to promote Joe Biden for President, Mark Warner for Senator, Jennifer Wexton for Congress, and our local candidates. 

If you are able to join us in this effort, make a contribution by going to ActBlue or by mailing your check  to WFCDC, PO Box 2215, Winchester Va. 22604.  Either way please send Chair Bill Fuller a note or email letting him know, and please remember to mark your gift “Candidate Campaign” so we can acknowledge your generosity. Your gift will inspire others.

We  must win this election – on all levels.  Chair Fuller was in Washington DC when Martin King was murdered.  In college, he marched and sat-in on issues from the Viet Nam war to racism and hate.  Bill says, “I have never feared more for our  nation and our freedoms.  We must push back against a government gone rogue and a president ready to unleash ‘vicious dogs and ominous weapons’ on American citizens exercising their right to free assembly.”

Please, let’s do this together.
We at WFCDC believe in our hearts that we can make a difference.




Please click here, and tell your story.

The first month of donations will go to the Rescue Mission (read Kevin’s story below). We encourage WFCDC members to write a check to send our post office (WFCDC, P.O. Box 2215, Winchester, VA 22604 or send money via ActBlue (or use our web page, Each month, the donated funds will be given to the chosen nonprofit.

Disclaimer information: nonprofit donations are not for candidates elections

So What are We to Do?
from member Pam Kennedy

Listening to epidemiologists from all over the country the last several days, several points are salient:

We are not “winning the covid war”
We are not near a vaccine for many months
Further difficulties lie ahead.

These points informed people can agree with.

So what are we to do?
How about engaging in a pandemic of kindness?

Overlooking slights from others, practicing extreme kindness,
being generous to a fault.

Do not practice social distance. Practice Physical Distance.
Social distancing has very negative impacts.
Reach out to others more frequently. Yes, you can sequester, but use your phone, your email, etc, and make calls to others.
It will help them AND you.

And most of all, recognize we are frail passengers on a frail planet, joined together as one humanity.


FLASHBACK.  This entertaining video has a real message while providing those of us who remember The Rocky Horror Show with a bit of a flashback.

GREATLY EXAGGERATED.  Per this opinion piece, that is what is true about reports of republicans breaking away from trump as a whole.  Seems not that many are, regretfully.

100 WAYS YOU CAN TAKE ACTION AGAINST RACISM RIGHT NOW.  You will probably come up with even more, but this list is a good start.

100,000 LIVES.  The coronavirus death count in this country is now well over that, but this graphic and story helps with the faces in a way you may not expect.

BAD PUN.  A large line is forming outside a local department store.  A man approaches and asks, “What’s going on?”  The last person in line tells him, “We’re all waiting to get the new Barbie doll.”.  The man joins the crowd, unable to resist a Barbie queue.

FILM & BLM.  Here is a list of 8 films (with descriptions) that explore black lives impacted by white authority.  I suspect you will find the list and the films interesting.

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.  He is one of many cartoon characters that some say are gay, per this article.  Maybe it is time to simply accept each of them simply as cartoon characters and leave the useless debate and go to important subjects, such as political platforms.

WV CHANGE.  It was only a primary, but 10 members of the WV state legislature seeking reelection were voted out.  Read here to see if this might have an impact in November.

GOOGLE BANS ONE, CAUTIONS ANOTHER.  ZeroHedge, a popular financial blog, has been banned and the right-wing The Federalist has been warned.  Both received money from Google’s advertising platform.  Learn more here.

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM FELLOW DICTATORS.  Per Bolton’s new book, trump asked China’s president to help him win the 2020 election.  Read more about the excerpt here.

THE RAPE OF VOA.  Once again, trump meddles to his own personal benefit.  He recently changed the lead for the U.S. Agency for Global Media, the organization that runs Voice of America, among other things.  The new lead is doing a wholesale damage to the organization, including overriding all advisory boards.  Read more here.

BOOGALOO, ANTIFA, AND PROUD BOYS DANGERS.  I am not a proponent of violence at all.  I support non-violence only.  Please read this article about the three groups to know more about them.  I hope you will speak out against them.

EVANGELICALS UNMASKED.  Mrs. Betty Bowers, “Americans Best Christian”, does it again.  In this video, she hits on the truth about some evangelicals and, of course, trump.

PERFECT CAMPAIGN SONG.  Watch this video to hear the perfect campaign song for trump.

REPUBLICANS FOR BIDEN.  Yes, there are some.  Read this to learn more.

DAME VERA LYNN, RIP.  The century-plus songstress has passed, per this article.  You can still hear her sing so beautifully here.

SCOTUS SAYS PROTECT YOUNG IMMIGRANTS.  Read this for a nice slap in trump’s face.

LAST JFK SIBLING DIES.  Read more about Jean Kennedy Smith here.

DEREGULATION KILLS.  The EPA, under trump’s thumb, ended Obama-era drive to regulate the widespread drinking water contaminant of perchlorate, which causes brain damage in infants.  Read more about it here.

TOO MUCH AND NOT ENOUGH.  That is what the psychologist in trump’s family had to say about trump, per this article.

IT ISN’T JUST THE U.S.  Australia reports, per this article, that they are under cyber-attack.

TSA FAILED TO PROTECT STAFF AND ENDANGERED PASSENGERS.  That is per the claims of a whistleblower in this article.  Is this a situation where they do more harm than good?  Think about it when you plan your next trip.

DON’T WRITE HIM OFF.  It’s much too early to write off trump winning in November.  Here is an article that gets into why.


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