WFCDC Weekly Pulse: May 4th, 2020

Congresswoman Wexton’s Invitation: Virtual House Party, May 18th, 6:00 pm.

This is the mobilize link where folks RSVP. Participants will receive an email with the zoom call-in info.

Austin Taylor (He, Him, His)
Political Director
Wexton for Congress
(276) 696-1667


A SPOONFUL OF CLOROX.  Randy Rainbow does it again!  Watch this short, but great, anti-trump video and enjoy.

“NOT A BIG DEAL”.  That is what trump said about putting his name on the stimulus checks, per this article, but I call it using federal funds for campaign purposes.

LOVE HATE ENVY, NOW PITY.  From this article in The Irish Times, we learn how the rest of the world perceives America now, thanks to trump.

VOTING BY MAIL.  That will be difficult to do if there is no mail.  See this article.

SICK ELECTION.  The count is up to 52 who worked or voted in Wisconsin’s latest election and have since tested positive for COVID-19.  See this article for details.

LOCKDOWN.  Sweden permitted everything to remain open and only suggested people try to stay an arm’s distance from each other.  Watch here to learn what happened.

GOOD BAD NEWS.  You know that trump family’s hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC is in financial trouble.  He asked the federal government bail him out?  Read thisto find out more.

THE BIG BET.  To develop a COVID-19 vaccine, you’d go to a company with a great record of producing vaccines, right?  Apparently not, per this article that says the U.S. gave $483 million for just that to a secretive company that has never been able to bring a product to market.

DEADLY RELIGION.  Religion can produce wonderous results, but, per this article, at times it can harm people.  Read and understand the view.

DEATH AT THE BEACH.  There is an odd, but well-known figure at Florida beaches these days and he has is tool of trade in hand.  Read this article to see photos of him in action.

FIGHTING WITH DENIAL AND SELF-PROMOTION.  Per this CNN article and short video, that is exactly what trump is using to fight the current pandemic.

LAUGH TIME!  Here is the late Johnny Carson posing in a Ronald Reagan spoof. The classic “Who’s on First” routine was well established by vaudeville comedians long before Abbott and Costello picked up on it.

Essays and Other Suggestions from our Readers:

Why Do Progressives Keep Losing?

For History and Tech Buffs…ENTERTAINING… This is an incredible use of technology … Like traveling back in time! Directions: Left click and hold on each photo, and then drag your mouse gently from left to right on the original photograph and it will be become a photo of the exact same location and view in 2014.  Drag it back to the left and you are back in 1944! Scroll down for more of the same.  Just fascinating !

From Charles Uphaus and Published in The Winchester Star:

Competent Management Needed

President Trump has (again) illustrated his monumental smallness by attacking the WHO and then decreeing that his name appear on the relief checks going out to all (almost) citizens. Okay, the WHO was slow off the mark in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. But because a fire department may have been slow in responding to a call, do you blame them for the fire and reject their help? This is just another
desperate attempt to shift the blame for his own failures. And as for the checks, they are from the U.S. Govt. treasury and were voted by Congress. They do NOT come from a presidential slush fund. By having his name associated with the payments, he would have us believe that it’s “his” money to dole out, and be grateful for his largess. (Fortunately, those who have direct deposit will not see his name.) In doing this, he’s going well beyond his self-promotion in attaching his name to the CDC’s coronavirus protection guide, and it’s further revealed today that making this change will delay the issuance of the checks by “a few days” per senior IRS officials.

So the president is delaying the distribution of desperately needed cash just to stroke his limitless ego and try to garner some political mileage. That is unconscionable (for anyone with a conscience).
“What a lot of the voters are seeing now is that when you elect somebody . . . think about who will be a competent manager during the time of crisis”; Jared Kushner
actually said that in an April 3 Coronavirus press briefing.

I’m sorry, but my definition of “competent management” does not include blaming others, denying responsibility for failures, seeking credit for others’ achievement or using others’ misfortune for personal benefit. Joseph Campbell (author of, among many other books, The Power of Myth) once observed that far sadder than someone with no visible means of support was someone with no INVISIBLE means of support – i.e., without the strength of character or faith that would see one through a major storm.

Well, the storm is raging. I see no evidence of either character or competence. It’s way beyond sad.

Action Item:

Sign Petition that will be sent to Congress to Protect Essential Workers

For a bit of HUMOR:

Enjoy! A Very Stable Genius, Randy Rainbow Parody on YouTube

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