WFCDC Weekly Pulse: November 16, 2020

LAWSUITS HE WILL LIKELY FACE.  There are at least 6 lawsuits trump is likely to face once he is out of office.  Read about them here.  Personally, I feel he’s getting off lightly.

DISCRIMINATION.  When you think of that word, you may think of the deep South.  Yet, discrimination exists in many ways and places and has existed in places you wouldn’t expect.  Take the example of Paul R. Williams and why he had to learn to draw upside down.  The story is here.

CONTESTED ELECTION.  The 2020 election, by the time you read this, is probably contested.  You already know it isn’t the first time, but did you know there have been four contested elections in the past?  Learn about them here.

ORDAINED.  Far-right Christianists clam God cares about American politics and dictates outcomes.  If so, does that mean God ordained Joe’s win?

NOW WHAT?  The election is over.  There are at least three outstanding thoughts we should consider, each stated here:  Read this for what may happen to the GOP.  Read this for how history may view trump.  Read this to understand why Biden may or may not be able to govern.

55 ABOUT KAMALA.  Here are 55 interesting things about Kamala Harris.  When you read it, you may feel like breaking down some of the entries to form even more.

OBSTACLES AND OPPORTUNITIES.  The Biden agenda may be ready to go, but he will find many obstacles and opportunities along the path to implementation.  Read about some here.

TRANSITION.  This is the official Biden/Harris transition site.

PEACEFUL TRANSITION.  Watch this short video to understand how past presidents have been graceful in defeat and see the letter Bush41 left for Clinton.

TRANSITION ROADBLOCK.  One key person refuses to sign the document needed to formally begin the transition process.  She is a trump appointee.  Learn more here.


LAUGH.  A pun, a play on words, and a limerick walk into a bar.  No joke.

REMINDER:  A concession is not necessary to transfer power to a new president.  It is just a polite formality, but there is nothing polite about the outgoing president.

RESCUE @ WHITE HOUSE.  Major, President-elect Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, is about to become the first rescue shelter dog in the White House.  Read more here.

WHY US HEALTH CARE IN THE U.S. SO EXPENSIVE?  Here is Dr. Sanjay Gupta with an answer.

SOLD OUT.  As of this writing, the St. Regis, the Hay Adams, all 4 Ritz Carltons, every Hyatt, every Marriott, and every Holiday Inn in DC are sold out for January 20.  The crowds for the inauguration are expected to be big despite all COVID restrictions.

LAWYERS FOR PRESIDENTS.  Enjoy this funny video.

HOW TO TACKLE HATE AND BIGOTRY.  One former KKK member tells how and why he was recruited and what it took for him to understand what was wrong and break away from them.  Read about it here.

WHERE DO THE ELECTION RECOUNT DONATIONS GO?  Since trump asked people to donate to cover the costs of recounts and related expenses, you have to wonder how all of that money is used.  Hint:  It doesn’t all get spent on recounts.  Learn more here.  Most of us would call that fraud.

WILL HE RUN IN 2024?  His niece, Mary, answers that question here.

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