WFCDC Weekly Pulse: November 2nd, 2020


10 days to go (October 24)

DEBATE & CLIMATE.  Some parts of this writeup about climate issues during the debate are funny (“gusher of lies”), many sad, but all informative.  Read about it here.

A STEP FORWARD FOR ALABAMA.  Alabama’s 1901 state constitution is filled with Jim Crow laws.  However, a bipartisan effort is underway to change that and it is up for vote on November 3.  All it does is empower the state legislature to change the constitution to eliminate things like legalized oppression of Black people, poll taxes, school segregation, mix-marriages, etc.  Learn more here.

PA RULING ON BALLOT SIGNATURES.  Pennsylvania had a rule that required matching the signature on a mailed-in ballot to a signature on record.  The state’s supreme court struck it down.  Most citizens for whom English is not their primary language have trouble replicating the same signature each time.  So do many others.  Learn more here.

CUCKOO CUCKOO.  Televangelist Pat Robertson said God told him trump would win and that 5 yeas later, an asteroid will hit Earth and “Maybe” bring “the end”.  Read about it here.

IF DEMOCRATS CONTROL EVERYTHING BUT THE SUPREME COURTThis interesting opinion piece discusses the subject.  It isn’t all pretty.

A CITY THAT HELPS.  One city stands out in helping others in the community who are impacted financially.  Read this article about Bay City, Michigan, to learn what they are doing in a time of great need.  It all started with a filing cabinet in placed in a yard.

THE MEETING BETWEEN NOI AND KKK.  Every once in a while, an interesting bit of history surfaces that becomes a surprise to many.  Here is one such.

9 days to go (October 25)

CHURCH CLOSED FOOD BANK BECAUSE OF POOR PEOPLE.  What?  It’s true and we question the ethics.  Read more here.

COMPANY OWNER THREATENS JOBS IF BIDEN WINS.  An employee was fired for revealing it, but has a copy of the letter to show it is real.  Learn more here.

MAKE LYING WRONG AGAIN.  Those were the words on a baseball hat and so appropriate for these times.  Read about why evangelicals should care about trump’s lies here.  We had an “Honest Abe”, now we have a “Lying Don.”

INSULTING YOUR INTELLIGENCE.  That, plus breaking Senate rules, is what republicans are doing with Barrett’s nomination according to this article.

THE QUESTION.  Long have parents feared “the question.”  Then, it was about sex.  Now, it is about the climate.  An 8-year-old asked the question in a a critical way and got a great answer in this informative article.

WH WILL NOT CONTROL COVID-19.  That is per the White House Chief of Staff.  Instead, they want to control us getting vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas.  Learn more here and you will find that instead of low-cost, common-sense measures, they want to rely mostly on expensive drugs that you or your tax dollars will pay to pharmaceutical companies.

PROFESSOR FLOTUS.  If her husband is elected, Jill Biden plans to continue teaching English at Northern Virginia Community College.  That’s right, she will keep her day job, a FLOTUS first.  Read more here.

8 days to go (October 26)

NOT THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.  Jeff Daniels lays it out here and you will like it.

RUNNING OUT OF TIME.  The election is already happening and casting ballots comes to an end on November 3.  Biden is looking to expand his margin of victory and help down-ballot candidates while trump is struggling to go beyond his minority base.  Read here for more.

SUPREME COURT ORIGINAL INTENT.  This may surprise you.  According to this article, nothing in the Constitution gives the Supreme Court the power of judicial review or implies that the Court should be the ultimate decider of which laws are constitutional.  Maybe it is time to look to the founders’ intent.

HOW TO BECOME AN AUTHORITARIAN.  If that is what you want, follow the republican play book.  Whether or not trump wins, that is what they are after, per this report.  If he wins, they will fast track it and probably set up a dynasty.

HOW THE MARKET SEES THE ELECTION.  The market will go up or it will present a buying opportunity (code for go down).  Surprise!  What is of note is that historically when an incumbent party candidate wins (note that it includes both parties doing it), the market goes up 14.28%; when a Democrat wins, the market goes up 11.65%; and when a republican wins, the market goes up 1.52%.  Those numbers are first year returns only.  Read more here and pay close attention to the one chart.

WHERE YOUR USED CAR GOES.  This is an ecology article.  Many used cars from all over the world find themselves in African and other underdeveloped countries sold for reuse.  Often, expensive parts are removed before shipping.  These vehicles contribute to many accidents and deaths since they aren’t reliable.  They also contribute greatly to air pollution.  Learn more here.

7 days to go (October 27)

GO JOE!  Unemployed Actors for Biden sing in support of Joe Biden.  It’s a fun work based on “The Telephone Hour” from Bye Bye Birdie and “I Have a Dream” from The King & I.  View it here.  It’s fun!

EPIC FAIL.  There are few communities in the country with higher concentrations of gays than West Hollywood.  Yet, when they had a rally for trump, … Well, read here.

WHY YOU WILL KNOW THE 2020 ELECTION IS LEGITIMATEThis skeptic’s guide to Election Day 2020 answers your questions and points out that the doomsayers are incredibly off base.

1960’S FORD & GM KNEW EMMISIONS CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE.  They fought it all those decades and still do today, but they knew.  Read this report.

6 days to go (October 28)

PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER.  To understand all the guards in place to ensure it happens, despite trump’s threats, read this.

TRUMPFLUFFER.  From the Urban Dictionary, we get the definition of a new word.  See it here, complete with all three definitions.

5 days to go (October 29)

SELFIE AT THE POLLS.  Can you take a selfie of you and your ballot at the polls?  The answer varies state to state (see this), but in Virginia, the answer is yes.  However, be careful you do not include in your photo an image of anyone else’s ballot – even in the distance.  To be safe, find a wall or display to use as a backdrop.  You might even ask an Officer of Election where would be a good place to take the selfie.

WHEN A NARCISSIST LOSES.  Psychologists agree that trump fits the psychological profile of a narcissist.  They also say that when a narcissist loses, he tends to react abusively.  Learn more about what could happen here.

POLUTION OF ANOTHER TYPE.  We often speak of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and other forms of pollution, but there is one type rarely mention.  Read this article about it.  No, it isn’t space pollution where satellite and rocket debris is now hazardous to people in orbit and to working satellites.

RED VERSUS BLUE HISTORY.  The color assignments weren’t always as they are now.  In fact, you may be surprised to know how very recent the change was.  Read about it here.

4 days to go (October 30)

COMPASSIONATE BIDEN.  Watch this video for an example of Biden’s compassion.

SCANDAL-BY-PROXY.  That is what modern “conservative” politicians have perfected.  It isn’t pretty.  It is filled with lies.  Read this and find that the “Biden tapes” were first offered to a different newspaper, but the offer was withdrawn when the newspaper said they would authenticate the evidence and verify the details.

CLEAN ENERGY.  Usually when you think of clean energy, you think of water, wind, or solar power.  Sometimes you may think of tidal or other such ways of generating electricity.  The UK has built a new test fusion reactor in the hopes of generating clean, economical power.  Current nuclear reactors are fission machines with a byproduct of long-life radioactive material.  Fusion reactors, using the same process as the Sun, creates material that loses its radioactive component quickly.  Read about it here.

THE CHEAPER SOLUTION.  Is it cheaper to cure people in a pandemic or to prevent the pandemic and its spread?  This article addresses that question.  If you guessed prevention, you would be correct and by a major cost factor.

QUOTE:  I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but we don’t live in a Christian nation founded on Biblical principles. We live in a secular nation founded on the U.S. Constitution, which protects your freedom to be a Christian if you so choose, and to live by Biblical principles, whatever you interpret those to be. It also protects the freedom of those who choose otherwise. It’s kind of a beautiful thing. If you’re a Muslim, no one can make you eat pork. If you’re a Christian, you can load up on the bacon and ham with a big, greasy grin on your face. If you don’t subscribe to any religion at all, the world is your buffet. It even works well within Christianity. Southern Baptist? No one can make you say a Hail Mary. Catholic? No one can keep you from wearing your “I love the Pope” hat to the mall.

Do you think gay marriage is a sin? Ok, fine. Check your fiancé’s genitals before the ceremony and everything should be a-ok. Just remember it’s not your place to peek inside the pants of other people’s partners. So you can go your merry way and let others do the same. See how that works? You get to live YOUR life according to YOUR beliefs. You don’t get to force others to live their’s that way. And they don’t get to force you to live their way either.

This is how our funny little government works for everyone. This is why it’s a handy dandy thing to remember that, should you seek an office or a job in government, YOU ALSO WILL BE WORKING FOR EVERYONE when you clock in each day. It’s also good to remember this is why the courthouse lawn and other tax payer funded facilities are not churches or temples or mosques. The Ten Commandments may look lovely hanging in your church or on your wall at home, but, unless you want to allow symbols of other religions including nine-foot bronze statues of a half-man-half-goat with curly horns from the Temple of Satan to greet you when you go to the DMV to get your plates renewed, it’s really best to leave those things up to the private individual to display. Any Pentecostals cool with a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe at your state Capitol building? No? Well, then maybe you get my point.

Your church, however wonderful it may be, has not been appointed to govern those who don’t wish to attend it. Your holy book, however full of wisdom you find it to be, has not been passed into legislation. And if you ever study what happens when any religion is given a pass to govern with that kind of power, you’ll thank God it isn’t that way here.  ~  Ken Roberts

NOV 3 VOTING NOTES.  If you haven’t voted early or by mail and are afraid to go to the polls because of COVID, don’t worry, it’s safe.  I’ll give you two different ways you can vote on November 3 if that is your fear.  One is inside and one is outside.

First, wear a mask to vote inside.  Once you are inside, you will be amazed at the steps taken to help you vote safely.  The possibility of catching COVID is almost zero.  The lines are expected to be short, especially mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

If you don’t want to go inside, still wear a mask, but vote curbside in your vehicle.  Anyone can go in and tell the staff you want curbside voting.  There are a couple of parking spaces at each precinct set aside for exactly that.  If you don’t see anyone who might do that for you or a telephone number posted for that purpose, call the registrar’s office (City:540-545-7910 and County:540-665-5660) and tell whoever answers where you are and that you want to vote curbside.  Tell them you don’t have a way to get the word to the staff.  They will contact the staff for you.  The process takes time and the staff will have to make multiple trips to you to complete the process.  They will guide you through it.  Do not leave until they take your ballot inside and return to verify you your vote has been cast since there is a small chance the scanner may not accept your ballot, in which case you get to correct the situation.

Parody in and Opinion Piece by George T. Conway III

“I believe, more than ever, in the president”

I believe Sleepy Joe Biden and that “monster” Kamala D. Harris would turn America into a “socialist hellhole,” and we’d all have “to speak Chinese.” I believe they “want to take out the cows” and “any form of animals.” There will be “no airplanes,” they’ll “rip down the Empire State Building,” and we’ll only have “little, tiny windows.”

I believe Sleepy Joe leads an “organized crime family.” I believe he and President Barack Obama committed “the greatest political crime in the history of our country,” and it will be “a very sad, sad situation” if the attorney general doesn’t indict them.

I believe Hunter Biden is a criminal, because someone got hold of his “laptop from hell,” and because of some guy named Bobulinski, whoever he is. I believe Fake News reporters are also criminals because they won’t report this.

I believe the laptop didn’t come from Russian intelligence. I believe Hunter Biden flew from his home in Los Angeles to Philadelphia, and then took a train to Delaware, because he needed a legally blind repairman there to fix his laptop. I believe Rudy Giuliani when he says the odds are “no better than 50/50” he worked with a Russian agent to dig up dirt on the Bidens.

I believe “the president knows all about this” dirt-digging, so all the dirt must be true. I believe Giuliani may have been duped by fake Kazakh rubes but could never be conned by real Russian spies.

I believe Giuliani was just tucking in his shirt.

I believe the president doesn’t know much about QAnon other than “they like me very much,” and that it’s not “a bad thing” they are “very much against pedophilia.” I believe people should be able to make up their own minds whether Biden had Seal Team Six killed to cover up the faking of Osama bin Laden’s death.

I believe Harris is “nasty,” a “communist” and a “madwoman.” I believe we can’t have “a socialist president — especially a female socialist president.” I believe she has a funny name, and it’s possible “she doesn’t meet the requirements” for the vice presidency because her parents were born abroad.

I believe the president is the “least racist person” in any room he’s in. I believe it was fine for him to tell the Proud Boys to “stand by,” because “somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left.” I believe “corona” sounds like a “beautiful seaside island in Italy,” and so we must say “China plague.”

I believe the president has already announced his new, “incredible” health care plan, and it’s something “nobody has seen … before.” But I believe if it hasn’t been announced yet, it will be “very soon,” perhaps in two weeks. I believe that the president will improve on Obamacare by getting the Supreme Court to “end it,” which would be “so good.”

I believe it was the strategy of a stable genius for the president to urge Congress to pass a stimulus bill, and then, three days later, refuse to negotiate one, and then, seven hours after that, demand Congress “IMMEDIATELY Approve” one.

I believe the president was “not looking to be dishonest” about the China virus and that he played it down because he didn’t want “to create a panic.” I also believe he “up-played” it. I believe he doesn’t and shouldn’t “take responsibility at all” for his handling of it, but that he does take “full responsibility” and that it’s not his fault.

I believe the virus “affects virtually nobody,” and that the death count would be “very low” if we didn’t count Democrat states. I believe doctors and hospitals have overcounted deaths because they “get more money” for doing so.

I believe we’re “rounding the final turn” with the virus and that we have more new cases than ever because we have “the best testing in the world by far.” I believe other countries test only “when somebody comes into the hospital and throws up all over the floor.”

I believe we will develop “herd mentality,” which will make the virus “go away.” I believe a vaccine is “ready,” coming “momentarily,” “within weeks.” And I believe Deborah Birx is “Pathetic!” for saying the virus was “extraordinarily widespread,” that Anthony S. Fauci, who has “been here for 500 years,” is a “disaster,” and that all the scientists are “idiots.”

I believe the Fake News people are “dumb bastards” because “all they cover” is “covid, covid, pandemic, covid, covid,” because “they’re trying to scare everybody” from voting. I believe it “should be an election law violation!” I believe that “on November 4, you won’t hear about it anymore.”

I believe “the Fake News only shows the Fake Polls.” That includes Fox News, whose polls are “totally FAKE.” I believe a “SILENT MAJORITY!” supports the president — look at all those boaters. I believe he has a 96 percent approval rating among Republicans — up from 93 percent, 94 percent and 95 percent.

I believe “the ballots are out of control,” and people should vote by mail and then vote again in person, to test the system. I believe the only way the president will lose “is if the election is rigged” and that he’s right not to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

I believe the president will not only win, but he’ll also “negotiate” a third term, which he’s entitled to because Obama and Biden spied on him.

I believe that if the president somehow does lose, he might “have to leave the country.” I believe he probably should.

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