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Did everyone see the new version of “Evita” by the Lincoln Project–> COVITA? If not, you are in for a laugh. Click Here.

And speaking of laughing, we are the laughing stock of the world. The English translation is “Do Not Be Afraid,” but we ARE!

Picture Gallery – 40 months of Trump


Retired Read Admiral Writes Letter to Editor to Winchester Star in Support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


31 days to go (October 3)

FACTS FIRST.  That is the name of a fact-checking database compiled by CNN that you can access here.  The database has over 1,300 entries you will find interesting.  Did you know that approximately 1,000 voters in Fairfax County received two ballots?  Read about it in the Facts First database and learn why that is not a problem.

ILLEGAL CAMPAIGNING.  Last month, US Department of Agriculture sent out over 100 million federally funded boxes of food that included a letter with White House letterhead crediting trump for the box contents.  Learn more here.

ELECTION GUIDESHere is CNN’s election guide for Virginia and here is the one from NBC News.  Both say about the same, but you will get the most info by reading both.  It doesn’t take long.  Read and be prepared.  Also, don’t wait until the deadline to take any action.  Instead, do it as early as possible.

USING IMMIGRATION VIOLATORS FOR VOTES.  That is exactly what trump is doing in Pennsylvania.  He is putting up billboards showing the faces of people so arrested in an effort to gain votes in the state.  Learn more here.

SUING THE PRESIDENT.  If you got COVID-19 while attending a trump rally, could you sue the President?  Read here to find out.

VIRGINIA PROTECTIONS CHALLENGED.  Virginia laws baring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity are being challenged in court.  Learn more here.

30 days to go (October 4)

WALL SCRAP.  As contractors tear down existing walls along the Mexican border to build a replacement wall, they are shoving the scrap into Mexico.  The Mexicans are making money off selling the scrap, which could have been done here.  Learn more here.

THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH.  Read this Edgar Allen Poe (very) short story here.  I think you will find it’s plot identical to what is happening in today’s world.

29 days to go (October 5)

A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.  This is mostly tongue in cheek, but the science is there.  For those of us who may want to consider moving out of the country, but find it difficult to find another country to move to, scientists had identified two dozen planets outside our solar system that may be better for life than Earth.  Learn more here.  I wonder how I can get there quickly.

WOMEN’S RIGHTS.  I’ll make no link since it is to a subscription-only newspaper.  In today’s Winchester Star, the Out of the Past feature included a useful fact in an entry from 1920.  At that time, most women had the right to vote, but about 5-6% did not.  If a woman who was a U.S. citizen was married to someone without U.S. citizenship, she could not vote.  However, a woman of foreign birth could vote if her husband was a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization.  At that time, it was still all about the men in this country.

REDECISION.  Two Supreme Court Justices just weighed in saying marriage equality should be overturned.  This is not good.  Learn more here.

FITTING.  It seems fitting that gay men have taken over #ProudBoys on Twitter.  Learn more about it here.

28 days to go (October 6)

WHAT TO DO IF YOU SEE MILITIA AT THE POLLS.  It’s illegal, so this article from the Georgetown University Law Center tells you what you need to do.

NEED A FIX?  Here is one proposal to fix an unthinkable election disaster.

IS THE FAMILY WORRIED?  That may be the case if this report about trump, jr. is correct.

WHITE SUPREMACISTS DEADLIEST U.S. TERROR THREAT.  Per Homeland Security, that is true.  Learn more here.  We aren’t surprised, are we?  By the way, it also says Russia is likely to be the primary covert influence in the U.S.

THEY AGREE ON THIS ISSUE, BUT WANT DIFFERENT OUTCOMES.  Yes, there is one issue on which Biden and trump agree.  They want to get rid of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.  Learn more here.

BUT I’M ONLY 17.  If you know someone who will turn 18 on or before November 3, have them register to vote now and have them vote as soon as they are registered.  Yes, that is permitted by law.  October 13 is the registration deadline.  Note:  By law, anyone using snail mail to registering to vote must vote in person the first time.

27 days to go (October 7)

IL DONALDHere is a frightening comparison of trump to Benito Mussolini.

IT PAYS FOR ITSELF.  Georgetown University released an analysis showing that Biden’s free college plan could pay for itself within 10 years.  Learn more here.

TRUMP/HARRIS TICKET?  If a ticket is a set of candidates, no way!  However, there is an exceptionally slim chance trump could be President and Harris could be his Vice President.  Learn how here.

4 FUNNY FEELINGS ABOUT 2020.  ‘Tain’t all good news, but mostly so.  Here is an interesting opinion piece about this year’s election.

PROSECUTING A FORMER PRESIDENT.  Is it worth it?  Here is an interesting discussion about the subject and how it applies to trump.

THIS IS HOW IT ENDS.  Galt MacDermot, composer for the musical Hair, composed a jazz mass containing the words “And here’s how this gospel ends, for suddenly a chorus of angels sing …”.  This is not gospel, but here is how 11 experts think the current pandemic will end.

CHURCH OF TRUMP.  It’s much as if it were a religion.  Read thisinformative article about trump and his followers.

26 days to go (October 8)

VP DEBATE FACT CHECK.  A politician opens mouth and you wonder what will come out.  Here are the truths about the statements made in the debate.

FACT CHECKING ELECTION CONSPIRACY “THEORIES”.  Throughout his campaign, which includes all of his presidency, trump has made all sort of claims to enhance his standing or tear down that of his opponent.  Here is a video that gets to the truth of many of them.  Isn’t it a shame we have to do so much fact checking?

By the way, they aren’t theories.  They are wild accusations and inventions, also known as lies.  From a scientific standpoint, theories require a good body of evidence.

EARTHSHOT.  That is the name of a new major prize for environmentalism and is intended to be much like the Nobel Prize.  It is started by England’s Prince William and Sir David Attenborough.  Learn more here.

HE’S DOING IT AGAIN.  Once again, trump is using federal dollars to fund his campaign.  This time, it is to put his brand in some way on $200 cards for seniors to use to pay for their medications.  The money comes from Medicare’s trust fund.  Learn more here.

HE BLAMES GOLD STAR FAMILIES.  That is who trump thinks may have given him COVID.  Learn more here.

KIDNAPPING WHITMER.  That was planned by a Michigan militia group, per the FBI.  It gets bad.  Read more here.

LGBTQ ANDIDATES.  They exist and are open in every state except Alabama.  Per this report, there are 574 of them and over 30% identify as people of color.  That’s a 1/3 increase over 2018.  Progress!

25 days to go (October 9)

SPEAKING OUT.  Listen to this interview to learn why trump’s former vaccine director is speaking out against trump.

HAIRY, VENOMOUS, AND IN VIRGINIA.  Warning.  Should you see the creature pictured in this article, you don’t want to get near it.

IS HE STILL CONTAGIOUS?  Basic answer is that we don’t know, but it is complicated.  Learn more here.

THE PILL BY MAIL.  The Supreme Court will allow women to continue receiving birth control pills by mail, despite a trump edict saying you couldn’t.  Learn more here.

MINOR MOVEMENT.  There is a small number of people calling for trump’sname to be stricken from all records, all histories, all buildings, etc.  I do not support it.  We must learn from mistakes and never repeat them.

CELEBRATING BLACK EXCELLENCE.  ‘Tis a good thing to do.  This is happening in (get ready for something familiar) a drive-in theater in Camden, NJ.  Learn more here.

THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER.  Seems that way even during a pandemic recession.  This interview explains what happened.

REMINDER:  Tuesday is the last day to register to vote.  Do it now or at least check your registration here.

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