WFCDC Weekly Pulse: October 26th, 2020


17 days to go (October 17)

THE NODDING WOMAN.  As we know, trump held a town hall with an audience of undecided voters.  One of the many things that upset viewers, other than trump’s words, was the woman seated behind him nodding and gesturing in agreement with everything he said.  As it turns out, she is a former Congressional candidate and avid trump supporter.  Learn more here.

QANON FOLLOWERS.  Do trump followers really believe all the stuff about QAnon?  As it happens, it seems so.  Watch thisvideo for more information.

WHY YOUR VOTE COULD BE A LIFE-OR-DEATH DECISION.  You will find an article titled that and about that here.

ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH.  For those of us desiring a cleaner environment, this solar energy breakthrough is good news.

PROBABLE ELECTION LAW VIOLATION.  Per a Health and Human Services lawyer, that is what trump’s drug cards could do.  Learn more here.

FEDERAL DEFICIT TRIPLES.  Read about it here.

PITFALLS OF LOSING.  Just what could happen to trump if he loses this election.  Read this and you will understand why he is fighting to stay in power as if his life depended on it.

OUT OF THE RABBIT HOLE.  QAnon has its followers.  Fortunately, some eventually realize the truth and abandon the group.  Here is the inside scoop per one who did finally understand the truth.

16 days to go (October 18)

RATS.  Dan Rather explains how actual rats are better than trump-supporting republicans in this fun and sad article.

RAT CITY.  For the sixth time in a row, Chicago has been named the rattiest city in America, a situation that has led to a shortage of feral cats for people to adopt. You can learn more here.  When they were looking for rats, it seems they didn’t look at republican HQ in DC.

NO LOVE, NO TACOS.  That is what one sign in Iowa reads.  Learn about the passion and meaning behind it here.

THEY DON’T CARE.  Yes, trump and his close associates are destroying America, much to the benefit of Russia, but it’s clear they know they’re doing it.  They simply don’t care.  You can learn more here.

CEOS FIGHTING RACISIM.  Yes, there are some and they have a plan.  Learn about it here.

SCAM ALERT.  We get news that the group “Law Enforcement for a Safer America”, a trump-supporting super PAC usually operating as “The Police Officers Support Association”, “National Emergency Responders Coalition”, or “National Coalition for Police & Troopers”, is a scam operation.  98% of the money went to “operating costs” and 2% goes to advertising supporting trump, per their filings.  None of the money goes to police departments.  Learn more here.

WHY HIS RALLIES MAKE NO POLITICAL SENSE.  It is no secret that trump’s rallies go against all sound political reasoning.  This article tells you why he does it.

MAJOR BALLOT INITIATIVES IN THE US.  4 states want to legalize recreational marijuana, 2 states want to adopt ranked-choice voting, and Rhode Island wants to change its name.  These and other initiatives of interest are described in this article.

15 days to go (October 19)

PLANS TO COUNTER ELECTION RESULTS QUESTIONS.  Democrats have made extensive plans to counter the attempts trump may make to challenge election results.  Some of those have already started.  Learn more here.

14-YEAR-OLD FINDS POTENTIAL COVID THERAPY.  Anika Chebrolu from Frisco, Texas, won the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge and $25,000 for a discover that could provide a potential therapy to COVID-19 patients.  Learn more here.  The kids are alright!

DESPITE THE ODDS, HE MAY WIN.  Understand the hidden factors that could produce a trump victory in this election by reading this article.  Frightening!

WHAT WE OFTEN GET WRONG ABOUT THE LATINO COMMUNITY.  Democrats can be wrong at times.  Read thisinteresting article.

WHERE IS THE REAL POLITICIAL BIAS?  According to this report of a study, it isn’t in “the media”.  Read the article to learn more.

GIULIANI IS ACTIVE THREAT TO DEMOCRACY.  He traveled abroad looking for dirt on the Bidens, including establishing relationships with Russian agents who are pare of a broad Russian effort to denigrate Bide.  Learn more here.

INACCURATE CENSUS.  Now that the Supreme Court has given trump his way on the census, expect real problems over the next 10 years.  Learn more here.

ELECTION & CLIMATE CHANGE BATTLE.  This election could determine if we will be able to battle climate change.  Read this for more information and positions.

IS TRAFALGAR GETTING IT RIGHT AGAIN?  4 years ago, the Trafalgar Group was the only polling group to successfully predict the election outcome.  This year, they run against the stream once more.  Learn more here.

EFFICIENT COOLING.  Imagine pumping a single cubic meter of seawater into a seawater air-conditioning system and getting the same results as using 21 wind turbines or a solar power plant the size of 68 football fields.  Learn more here.

AT QANON EVENTS.  A reporter went to two QAnon events.  Here us what he found.

PROFS SAY HALT.  88 professors expressed concerns of the timing of Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  They asked the it be halted until after the election.  Learn more here.

14 days to go (October 20)

FORMER PRES. SON COMMENTS ON CURRENT PRES. KIDS.  Ron Reagan comments about trump’s kids’ qualifications and other subjects in this interesting video.

SOME BLAME ASIAN AMERICANS FOR COVID-19.  Yes, it is prejudice, but you can learn more here.

NEW PLASTIC ALTERNATIVE.  People recognize plastic as an environmental problem.  Newlight Technologies has developed a biodegradable material that can be molded like plastic.  Furthermore, producing it takes more pollutants out of the environment than is used.  Learn more here.

MICS TO BE CUT AT DEBATE.  In a long-needed move, the debate commission will cut the mic of any candidate not having the floor.  Of course, trump will complain about it or any change that doesn’t let him do what he wants to do.  Learn more here.

VOTESAFE BUILDS TRUST IN ELECTION PROCESS.  VoteSafe, a bipartisan group, launched a multi-million-dollar campaign to inform people of how safe the voting procedures are.  Read about it here.

LIMBAUGH HAS TERMINAL CANCER.  Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer is now in stage 4.  Learn more here.

IS THAT VIDEO REAL?  This article gets into how to spot fake videos.

FOREIGN DISINFORMATION REGARDING ELECTION RESULTS.  The FBI is warning people about false results being distributed.  They caution to be patient until official results are in.  Find more information here.

3 POSSIBLE REASONS FOR HIS BONKERS CAMPAIGN STRATEGY.  Yes, trump seems bonkers.  Maybe he is.  Thisarticle gives three reasons that may be true without him actually being bonkers.

HE HAS A CHINESE BANK ACCOUNT.  Why is that that trump, who says he wants to hurt China a lot, have a Chinese bank account?  Furthermore, why does he pay China more in taxes than he does the U.S.?  Learn more here.

THE BIGGEST HANDOFF OF ECONOMIC POWER IN HISTORY.  Now trump wants to let out a contract worth billions of dollars that is essential no-bid for the military’s 5G use and has it on the fast track.  Administration officials don’t like it a bit!  Learn more here.

13 days to go (October 21)

545 CHILDREN STILL SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS.  That is a result of trump’s actions to separate children from parents who come into the country.  Read about it here.

PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE.  Okay, so you didn’t like the presidential debate and we all understand why.  Here is one you will love to watch and agree with the candidates.

CAMPAIGN SPENDING.  Over $300 million in untraceable spending, $10 million on an ad when he had no opponent, and many other eyebrow raising items about the billion-dollar war chest trump had before Biden was the Democratic nominee.  Read about it here.

BIDEN TAX PLAN.  So just what are the details in Joe Biden’s tax plan?  Learn here.  For comparison, you can read about trump’snot very complete tax plan here.

EDIBLE PLASTIC BAG.  Too many plastic bags were killing deer in a Japanese town where deer were considered sacred.  One man decided to help the deer and help the world.  Learn about it here.

THE WAR IN FLORIDA.  Michael Bloomberg is spending $100 million in Florida to help ensure trump doesn’t carry the state.  It has caused trump to reallocate badly needed campaign money from other states to Florida and has permitted Biden to shift some money from his Florida campaign to other battleground states.  Learn more here.

ANOTHER TOP REPUBLICAN IS GUILTY.  This time, Elliott Broidy pled guilty to conspiring to violate the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  Are we surprised?  Learn more here.

POPE TAKES TO LGBT.  Per this NYT article, Pope Francis is setting an even more tolerant tone that before and is supporting civil unions for same-sex couples.  The church slowly gets there.

12 days to go (October 22)

ALABAMA CURBSIDE VOTING BANNED.  The U.S. Supreme court granted a request from the state of Alabama to ban curbside voting there.  Curbside voting has long been used by those unable to walk into a polling place and is still in practice at all Virginia precincts.  This year, more are expected to use it in an attempt to avoid COVID-19 contamination, but Alabama didn’t like that or any curbside voting.  Learn more here.  Yes, it was a republican initiative.

TEXAS REMOVES LGBTQ+ PROTECTIONS.  Leave it to republicans to destroy something good.  Learn more here.

BARRETT ANTI-GAY POLICIES.  While we are on LGBTQ+ issues, Supreme Court nominee Barrett served 3 years as a trustee for schools that refused students from same sex couples and denied employment to LGBTQ+ people.  Read more here.

TIME REPLACES LOGO.  It’s a temporary change, but you will like it.  Read this to understand why and I think you will agree it is a good change.

RETURNING TO THE 19TH CENTURY SPOILS SYSTEM.  That is what trump is doing in a recent executive order that makes it easy to fire a government worker involved in setting regulations.  Lear more here.  We go from professionalism back to political favoritism.

11 days to go (October 23)

HOW TO WORRY AND WHEN.  A shadow MAGA government in trump’s Old Post Office hotel?  This and other possibilities discussed here.

FUNNIEST HEADLINE OF THE DAY.  Everyone came for a brawl last night and a debate broke out.  ~ CNN


VIRGINIA RESULTS.  For results of any race or issue in Virginia, go to this link.  Within that link, you can search down to jurisdiction (city or county) and even down to the precinct level.  Less than after 7pm on November 3, the results will come in.  Most results are reported by 8pm, but some may come in later that evening.  Some places with issues may report the next day.  Recognize that provisional ballots will not be counted until Friday and by November 11, all counts will be final.  Yes, it is possible we run into a runoff.

SPECIAL NOTES.  If you look at results by precinct, you are not looking at all the votes cast by precinct.  That is because of the early and absentee voting.  Those votes are counted in the Central Absentee Precinct (CAP).  Add the results for a given race to the precinct results.  Once the provisional ballots are counted, you can add those in as well.

NATIONAL RESULTS.  This one is easy, but may end up frustrating.  Watch for results on your favorite news channel.  No matter what happens, they will keep you up to date on the action and what it may mean.

Note that most broadcast news media try to give how a state went as soon as the polls close.  This is based on exit polling they conduct.  That polling may or may not be accurate and not necessarily based on how they poll.  Some people lie to pollsters.  Listen to their forecast, but remember to check back once enough precincts have reported results to really know.


From WFCDC Member Dr. John Copenhaver and published in The Winchester Star

Let’s Attend to our “Better Angels”

I have seen many friends and political pundits write that the 2020 election is the most consequential election in our lifetimes. I disagree. I think 2016 was the most consequential election and we blew it! It will probably takes decades to repair the damage done by the denial of climate science and the rolling back of environmental protections, by the coarsening of public discourse, by ignoring the guidance of public health experts and scientists, by denying refugees their rights under international law, by our blind adherence to “America First” that has weakened our alliances and ruined our reputation, and by economic policies that favor the top 1% and magnified our national deficit.

The important thing now is to cast your vote for positive change. If you didn’t vote in 2016, and haven’t voted yet, please make a plan vote today. To those who voted for Trump in 2016 and have not yet voted, I urge you to carefully reconsider. I know many of us feel loyalty to our own political party, but the dangers posed by a second term for President Trump require choosing the common good over party loyalties. I will not try to persuade you but I humbly ask you to listen to the 70 “Former Republican National Security Officers for Biden.” Part of their statement reads: “”We are profoundly concerned about our nation’s security and standing in the world under the leadership of Donald Trump. The President has demonstrated that he is dangerously unfit to serve another term.” And listen to over 200 retired generals or admirals who have endorsed Biden and write: “We are former public servants who have devoted our careers, and in many cases risked our lives, for the United States. We are generals, admirals, senior noncommissioned officers, ambassadors, and senior civilian national security leaders. We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. We love our country. . .  While some of us may have different opinions on particular policy matters, we trust Joe Biden’s positions are rooted in sound judgment, thorough understanding, and fundamental values.” 

Some of my Christian friends support President Trump because they see him as a defender of Christian values, but that view is certainly not universal. Recently 1600 faith leaders, including prominent evangelicals, have endorsed Biden. They state: “’This record-breaking group of endorsers shows that President Trump’s lack of kindness and decency is energizing faith communities and will cost him this election,’ said Doug Pagitt, executive director of the Christian campaign organization ‘Vote Common Good,’ which compiled the endorsements. The organization said the announcement represents the largest group of clergy to endorse a Democratic candidate for president in modern history. ‘Four years ago, many religious voters decided to look the other way and give Trump a chance, but after witnessing his cruelty and corruption, a growing number of them are turning away from the president.’” I hope our country will change course in 2020 and that we can begin to mend our frayed social fabric and attend to our “better angels.”

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