WFCDC Weekly Pulse: October 5th, 2020


37 days to go (September 26)

ENVIROMENTAL POLITICS.  It’s on video tape.  Environmentalists caught major gold and copper mine executives telling supposed Chinese investors how to work the politicians in Congress.  It’s damning to a couple of republican Senators and one CEO resigned after the tapes were made public.  Learn about it here.  The mine is endangering the one of last pristine salmon spawning grounds.

THINGS ARE STRANGE IN PENNSYLVANIA AND NORTH CAROLINA.  To learn about some of the odd things going on in these two states with the current election, read this.

TELEPROMTER USE.  Now, trump is accusing Biden of using a teleprompter during interviews.  Even with visual evidence it is incorrect, he continues to make the claim.  In the meantime, we already know trump cannot make a coherent speech without using a teleprompter.  Learn more here.

BACK TO THE 1930’S.  That’s where we could be with the new Supreme Court nominee.  Learn more here.

36 days to go (September 27)

BANNED BOOKS WEEK.  Take a look at this list of banned books and see if you agree they should be banned.  I doubt you will agree.  To me, it is simply censorship.

WEAPONIZING OUTRAGE.  That is what republicans are doing.  Learn more here.

YOU DIRTY RAT!  It turns out rats aren’t always so dirty or bad.  Cambodia uses rats to find unexploded land mines.  Watch the brief video here.

YOUR HUSBAND IS YOUR MASTER.  The idea that a woman should treat her husband as her master is a frightening thought for most women and rightly so.  Yet, it is a dominant principle in the new Supreme Court nominee’s religion.  Learn more here.  Brings to mind The Handmaid’s Tale, especially since “handmaid” is what her church called women members of the clergy until recently.

35 days to go (September 28)

WHAT IS RANKED CHOICE VOTING?  This article explains it all very simply.

HE PAID NO TAXES.  Although trump claimed to have paid “a lot” in federal income taxes, he paid nothing in 11 of 18 years starting in 2000.  In the year he became President (2016), he paid only $750 in federal taxes.  This and much, much more in this revealing article with more updated information here.

THE FACE OF A TYRANTThis article has one photo and that is of the tyrant.  Read it and learn why he is a tyrant and the real reason that is bad thing.

GOP INSURRECTION.  GOP former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge says he is voting for Biden.  He is far from alone.  Read more here.

34 days to go (September 30)

NOT A PART.  When Eric trump suggested he is a part of the LGBT community (he isn’t), it sparked an uproar.  The community did what reasonable people everywhere do, they rejected him.  Learn more here and countless other places.

FACT CHECKING THE DEBATE.  There were plenty of claims and accusations during the debate, but what it comes down to is that trump lies a lot.  Learn more here.

BAD DEBATE.  It wasn’t just bad, it was really, really, really bad.  Here is an analysis by an experienced debate coach.  He puts the blame where it belongs and that isn’t just on trump.

NATURALIZATION FEES.  A federal judge blocked a new rule that would increase naturalization fees from $640 to $1,160 and included a $50 fee for asylum seekers.  Asylum seekers around the world are not subjected to application fees.  Learn more here.

SURPRISE, WORRY IS WORLD REACTION.  The first presidential debate created that reaction throughout the world.  Learn more here.

ELECTORAL COLLEGEThis is an excellent article about the electoral college and why it no longer performs the way the founders envisioned.

33 days to go (October 1)


QUOTE:  The right-wing Heritage Foundation, after examining 36 years of mail-in ballots, found only 1,285 cases of voter fraud out of nearly two billion votes cast — a rate of .0000007 percent.  That’s about the same probability as being hit by an asteroid. ~ Robert Reich


WHAT TO DO IF TURNED AWAY AT THE POLLS.  If you are turned away from the polls for any reason, you cannot be denied your chance to fill in a ballot.  Depending on your actual registration and voting status, your ballot may be counted.  Just make sure you are at the correct precinct.  Here is some useful information.

AVOIDING AN ELECTION DISASTERHere is an article that describes one way to avoid such a disaster.

MOCKING THE DEBATES.  Just for fun, here is “Weird Al” Yankovic doing the mocking.

32 days to go (October 2)

DIDJANO?  Did you know that the song Amazing Grace was penned by slave-holder turned abolitionist clergyman John Newton in London in the 1780’s?

CAUGHT IT!  As you well know by now, trump caught COVID-19.  Why are we not surprised?  But there is more!  It also came out that he is clinically obese – okay, we knew that already – and he has heart disease.  Never heard that one before.  Learn more here.

MELANIA HAS IT RIGHT.  She didn’t care about the Christmas decorations, but was upset about trump’s family separation policy for immigrants.  Learn more here.

WWPD?  Yes, what would Putin do in a pandemic?  For this one, he put himself in a bubble of sorts.  Learn more here.

QUOTE:  If you can keep in mind that your fundamental purpose in life is not to be a lawyer, but to know, love, and serve God, you truly will be a different kind of lawyer.  ~ Amy Coney Barrett, Supreme Court nominee. Isn’t this a conflict between separation of church and state?

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