WFCDC Weekly Pulse: Sept. 28th, 2020


44 days to go (September 19)

RBG.  We mourn the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a real hero.

43 days to go (September 20)

CALL YOUR FRIENDS.  Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins state they will not vote to select a new Supreme Court judge before the November election.  There are two others who may be willing to do the same.  .Chuck Grassley (  202-224-3744) in Iowa or Mitt Romney (  202-224-5251) in Utah may be willing to do the same.  If you know people in Iowa or Utah, ask them to contact ask their Senator and ask them to oppose the selection of a new Supreme Court judge before the November election.

WORTH THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE SENATE.  The republicans are willing to give up both the White House and the Senate to put another conservative of their choice on the high bench.  Learn more here.  They know they can obstruct anything if they hold the courts.

42 days to go (September 21)

CAN A NEW JUSTICE BE SEATED IN 6 WEEKS?  That question is addressed well in this article.

WHO MIGHT HE APPOINT?  He said he would appoint a woman, but it often lies.  This article gets into who some of the likely candidates may be.

WHAT RBG TOLD HER GRANDDAUGHTER.  In her final days, Justice Ginsburg told her granddaughter “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”  Learn more here.


You shall neither mistreat a stranger nor oppress him, for you were strangers in the lad of Egypt. ~ Bible (KJV), Exodus 22:21

And if a stranger dwells with you in your land, you shall not mistreat him.  The stranger who dwells among you shall be to you as one born among you, and you shall love him as yourself; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.  ~ Bible (KJV) Leviticus 19:33-34

You shall have the same law for the stranger and for one from your own country; for I am the Lord your God.  ~ Bible (KJV) Leviticus 24:22

Cursed is the one who perverts the justice due the stranger, the fatherless, and widow.  ~ Bible (KJV), Deuteronomy 27:19

Thus says the lord: “Execute judgement and righteousness and deliver the plundered out of the hand of the oppressor.  Do no wrong and do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, or the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place.  ~ Bible (KJV) Jeremiah 22:3

REAL ELECTION FRAUD.  According to the Electoral Integrity Project, among all democratic nations, the U.S. is last in integrity.  It isn’t people casting ballots illegally, it isn’t non-citizens voting, it is voter suppression.  Let’s change that.

41 days to go (September 22)

“PEACHY COOL ARROW”.  That’s what trump says Mexicans call him.  However, read this for the truth.

“PATRIOTIC EDUCATION”.  Many would call it indoctrination or propaganda, but it is what trumpwants.  Learn more here.

RUTH STREET.  Several New York City subway signs, made from a mosaic of small tile squares, have been altered from “50TH ST” to “RUTH ST” by artists Adrian Wilson and Matt Duncan to honor RBG.  They did it in a non-destructive way.  Learn how here.

MARTIAL LAW COMING?  Roger Stone said trump should declare martial law if he loses the November election.  Learn more here.

40 days to go (September 23)

POWERING VEHICLES.  Imagine an electric vehicle with unlimited range.  You never have to stop to charge.  Watch this very short video about a “new” technology to power vehicles.  I’ve mentioned it in prior years.  It isn’t new at all.  Some few amusement parks use it to power their trams taking people from their cars to the ticket gate.  It is something that could easily be simplified and buried in our highways and streets to power personal vehicles.  It wouldn’t take much to install the technology to guide vehicles on the road eliminating almost every accident.  The installation would be fairly expensive, but the long-term saving would more than pay for it.  The positive impact on the environment would be great.

39 days to go (September 24)

HE INDICATES OUR DEMOCRACY IS AT RISK.  When trump told Americans that he would not guarantee a peaceful transfer of power, he told Americans that democracy is at risk from him.  Learn more here.

EXITING U.S. CITIZENSHIP.  Since a number of people commented about what I wrote last week on leaving the U.S., I thought I should furnish better information.  What I wrote was mostly from people who had researched it and what they told me.  For solid information, read here and here.  I may have said some things in error, but if so, I don’t know what at this time.  For a more informal read try this.

CLARIFICATION.  It does not take a Constitutional amendment to change the number of justices on the Supreme Court.  The number varied several times up and down over the years from an initial 5 to a high of 10 and one proposal for 15 failed.  However, if we rely only on legislation, not a Constitutional amendment, the republicans or anyone else could easily change it later.  Here is some information on that for you.

REPUBLICANS PREP TO FIGHT ELECTION RESULTS.  The know it will be bad, so they’re preparing to overturn the November election results any way they can.  They’re already setting the stage.  If they succeed, kiss democracy goodbye.  Learn more here.

38 days to go (September 25)

BOTH PARTIES VOW ORDERLY TRANSITION OF POWER.  The Democrats are taking an aggressive approach and the republicans are taking a less aggressive and definition plagued, but still positive approach.  Learn more here.  This gives hope, but proceed with caution.  Key-state republicans are hard at work trying to run out the clock on the elections per this article.

SECOND-HAND LESSON FROM SECOND-HAND CHINA.  There is a good lesson from China in buying second-hand clothing.  It’s good for the environment and your pocket book.  Learn more here.

NEW BATTERY TECH.  The environment loves it when we improve our relations with it and that is just what happens with this new storage battery.

Letter to the Editor by Frederick County Resident Kevin Kennedy

A Healing Plan for America? Or, “Four More Years of the Same?

In last month’s Open Forum, 2 questions were posed:  “What do Republicans stand for?”; and, “Why would anyone vote Republican anymore?”

I saw 3 letters that looked to be in response.  To the 2nd question, one writer–in a straight-forward manner–said that he votes Republican because that Party stands for his values.  All well and good, but I suspect that he would not claim as his values the mass detention of children in cages, non-stop lying about a deadly disease, or a directed degradation of the environment.  Those and many other “un-American” actions have been perpetrated by this Administration and fully supported by the entire body of elected Republicans.  

Two writers wrote, in essence, that they vote Republican because they hate Democrats.  It appeared that both of them obtain their beliefs from watching FoxNews or other far-right sources.  One of these writers was filled with SO much vitriol that he might be endangering his own personal health.  

I am still interested in legitimate answers to the first question:  “What do Republicans stand for?”  Each Party has now held its National Convention.  We all know what Democrats stand for.  They consistently show that they care for and about people, especially the less fortunate.  Justice and fairness matter to Democrats, whether it’s in regard to law enforcement or health care or workers’ rights, etc.  

And Democrats know that maintaining the safety and security of our country must come first.  This includes both protection of its citizens from dangers within our borders and protecting the country as a whole from foreign interference or aggression.  

Again, what do Republicans stand for?  (Standing against Democrats is not an answer.)  At the Republican Convention there was NO vision for the future, and there was not even a “platform” of policies and actions which they want to pursue over the next 4 years!  

The only policies which Republicans will pursue will be those which their “leader” wants.  And, at this point, the ONLY thing he cares about is trying to get reelected.  Most of us have come to understand that he doesn’t care about his Party; he doesn’t care about other people; he doesn’t care about the country.  He is only interested in things which will benefit himself.  How far will he go to try to get what he wants?  

Will anyone in his Party summon the integrity and courage to stand up to him?  I hope so.  A great many lives depend on it.  

But let us not be consumed by that grim picture.  Continue to be vigilant, but do not be consumed by worry over the Election.  Trump is going to lose.  His catastrophic mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic, the resulting crash of the economy, and his aggressive and racist responses to the Black Lives Matter protests were together enough to doom his chances.  But in the past week we have learned the specifics of his unspeakable defamation of all military personnel.  AND, we heard from his own voice that he knew that COVID-19 was deadly, but he continued to lie to the American people about it for months!  

That’s not just 3 strikes against him, it’s FIVE.  He’s OUT ! 

Sincerely, Kevin Kennedy 

Winchester Resident Karen Holman, Esq. responds to Guss Morrison’s “Souls to the Polls”

Mr. Morrison,

I saw it when it was in the Star, and have also received your email.  Thank you.  Well done.

Please do not forget that VA has 45 days to vote in person before the election.  I had the privilege of voting this week in Winchester City and it was EASY.  I even misplaced my id, but was able to use the absentee ballot I had requested as my identification (it was, of course, surrendered when I appeared in person to vote.

Souls to the Polls does not have to be on November 3rd.  I would encourage churches and people of faith to utilize the early voting opportunity to ensure that your votes are counted on election day, so we are not subjected to the chicanery that appears to be in the works to challenge absentee ballots.   No application or “excuse” is required to vote early.

We need to vote as if our lives depend on it.  As we saw from the outcomes in MN, KY, GA, and countless other places – they do.

Regards, Karen


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