WFCDC Weekly Pulse: September 21, 2020

We need to convince 4 Republican Senators  to break with McConnell and prevent a vote on a SCOTUS nominee before Inauguration Day. These appear to be the best opportunities:
Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) / email(202)-224-6665 A few hours before RBG’s death, Murkowksi went on record stating she wouldn’t confirm a new SCOTUS nominee
Susan Collins (R-ME) / contact(207)-780-3575 She’s up for a tough reelection fight and has stated in the past that she wouldn’t confirm a new SCOTUS nominee
Chuck Grassley (R-IA) / contact(202)-224-3744 Grassley has stated he would not consider any Trump SCOTUS nominees in 2020
Mitt Romney (R-UT) / contact(202)-224-5251 No idea what his views are on pushing an appointee through, but he’s clearly willing to break with Trump
Lindsey Graham (R-SC)  (202) 224-5972 Has publicly stated that he won’t push an appointee through in 2018, he’s also in a tough election fight. PS–Graham says now that he will vote with rump, but perhaps he’ll change his mind again.
LOCALLY, Groups of people sharing literature with Winchester Citizens leave from the Indian Alley entrance of Village Square Restaurant on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 am. JOIN Mayor Smith and Progressives to introduce
voters to our slate of CANDIDATES! 


51 days to go (September 12)

QUOTE:  Legions of Republican Lawyers have searched in vain over four decades for fraudulent double voting.  At long last, they have a blatant example of a major politician urging his supporters to illegally vote twice.  The only hitch is that the candidate is President Trump.  ~ prominent republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg

50 days to go (September 13)

ALTERED DOCUMENTS.  The US Department of Health and Human Services altered reports from the US Center for Disease Control so as not to undermine trump’s political message.  Learn more here.

VOTING NEED TO KNOW.  AARP has furnished this as one of the better guides to how we now vote in Virginia.  Also, read this statement from the Virginia Department of Elections about voting security.

DIDJANO?  Fairfax County, the largest jurisdiction in Virginia set up 20 locations for people to vote early.  Loudoun County also has 20 locations.  Frederick County has two locations and the City of Winchester has one.

49 days to go (September 14)

HOMELESS.  An estimated 13,000 people were made homeless last week on the Greek Island of Lesbos when a fire destroyed the Moria migrant camp.  Learn more here.

OBSCENE DISTORTION OF DEMOCRACY?  That is the view of Ellis Cose in this opinion piece.  It’s an interesting read.

MODERN SLAVERY.  You may be surprised to learn that slavery exists in the UK and the police overlook it.  Learn more here.

HUMAN IMPACT.  Read here to lean about the impact the last 500 years of human activity has had on the American tropics.

48 days to go (September 15)

WHAT?  Speaking of human impact, when is a deer not a deer?  When it is a human hit by the republican South Dakota Attorney General in a truck.  Learn more here.  By the way, the AG has received 6 speeding tickets in the last 6 years, plus some other violations.

WWGGD?  What would “Golden Girls” do to handle trump?  This article tells us more about the women who formed the cast for that show and how they handled related situations.  For a bit of trivia, the youngest member of the cast, Estelle Getty, played mother Sophia Petrillo, the oldest character.  The oldest member of the cast is still alive and kicking.  That would be Betty White who played Rose Nylund.

SUPPORT WHICH TROOPS?  A fundraising arm of the trump campaign released a digital ad on September 11 asking people to support our troops.  However, they used a stock photo of Russian-made fighter jets and Russian models dressed as soldiers.  Learn more here.

47 days to go (September 16)

JOKE:  Interviewer to trump – How did you end up with no soul?

Trump – I died at Walter Reed and my soul went to the afterlife before doctors reanimated my body.

Interviewer – So, the rumors are true about your trip to Walter Reed?

Trump – Yes, but it wasn’t a stroke.  Pence actually came up with something reasonable and it gave me a heart attack.

Interviewer – I though the soul returns when you are reanimated.

Trump – You’re thinking of Heaven.

TEAM SPORTS.  LSU’s head football coach, after revealing 3 or 4 players were sidelined, said “most” of his team has already had COVID-19.  They’re still playing.  Learn more here.

OIL DEMAND COLLAPSED.  Per this report, it doesn’t look like the demand will come back soon, if ever.  Understand how this impacts global economy, which, in turn, impacts politics.  The good news is that it can be good for the environment and renewable energy.

46 days to go (September 17)

TOWN HALL GOES AWRY.  In a town hall meeting, trump ran into trouble.  You can find a report on it here.  Are we surprised that the voters there revolted against him?

HE HAS A PLAN.  Biden has a solid plan to equitably distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, as reported here.

PLUG-IN HYBRIDS NOT AS GOOD AS PITCHED.  Per this article, a plug-in hybrid delivers about a third of the emissions of a typical gas or diesel vehicle, but that is more than the official estimates.  Read the article to understand it all.  It seems to be owner fault.

MASS HYSTERECTOMIES.  That may be what is happening in ICE-contracted facilities, per this report.  That, reports of insects found in food, deprivation of water, deprivation of medicine, and more are raising stories of abuse and comparisons to Nazi Germany.

WHAT HE DID WELL.  It’s difficult to imagine trump did anything well, but he did.  I didn’t say it was good, but he did it well.  Read about it here.

FIRST ENDORSEMENT.  For the first time in its 175-year history, Scientific American is endorsing a presidential candidate.  Learn more here.

45 days to go (September 18)

FIRST DAY TO VOTE!  I did.  Did you?

RUNNING AS AN R.  Aria DiMezzo isn’t a republican, but that is what will show on the ballot.  This is a funny, but factual, read.  It points out some very sad facts.

MACEDONIA SUPPORTS REPUBLICANS.  We have another case of a Facebook page supporting republicans, but run out of a foreign country.  Learn more here.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH U.S. & COVID-19?  Dr. Paul Offit got it wrong at first.  Then he realized the truth.  What he didn’t get wrong is how bad COVID-19 is.  Read here to find out what he got wrong and why it impacts you.

THE DEATH OF FILIBUSTER.  That’s one of many things this article predicts is Democrats take both parts of Congress and the White House.  Make it so!

EX-PENCE OFFICIAL ENDORSES BIDEN.  Yup, that’s what Olivia Troye did in this video and article.

FROMER RNC CHAIR “EXHAUSTED” WITH PRESIDENT.  Michael Steel is critical of trump.  Learn more here.

CENSUS CONTINUES!  Thanks to a federal judge, the 2020 Census will not end early.  Learn more here.

THE LAST REAL REPUBLICAN.  I like Ike.  I admit it.  He was good.  Now there is a memorial to him in a prominent DC location.  Read about it here.  Be sure to read the links to Ike’s warnings at the end of the article.

RGB Dies on Rosh Hashana

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion of Equality, Dies at 87


Arnold Schwarzenegger: There’s no two sides to hatred.

Open Forum: ‘Souls to the Polls’ more critical than ever by WFCDC member Guss Morrison, a resident of Frederick County.

The Nov. 3 elections will be unquestionably the most consequential election in the life time of most of us. Since Donald Trump entered the White House in January 2017, America has experienced a cataclysmic transformation unlike any other presidential tenure in the history of the nation. America’s universal recognition as the leader of the free world and the paragon of democracy is threaten by the alarming possibility of becoming a nation ruled by despotism…yes, as in tyranny, dictatorship, totalitarianism, and an even more relentless display of Trump’s penchant for dishonesty, intimidation, deceit, notorious lying, and, most dangerously, his disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution.

I will elaborate on the above in my next commentary, but the absolute urgency of this one, first and foremost, is to strongly plead, urge and encourage every registered voter of color, and all others who value those cherished principles of democracy, to commit to casting your vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as the other local and state Democratic candidates on the November ballot. YOUR VOTE HAS NEVER BEEN MORE CRITICAL!

As former first lady Michelle Obama said in her recent DNC speech, “If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can and they will if we don’t make a change in this election. If we have any chance of ending this chaos, we have got to vote like our lives depend on it.”

Despite the onslaught of voter suppression efforts by Republicans to restrain and impede voting by African Americans, Hispanics and other voters of color, and don’t doubt for a moment that the newly Trump appointed postmaster general Louis DeJoy’s drastic cut backs in the US Postal Service were intended to help Trump win, WE must not be deterred and certainly not discouraged, and we surely cannot make that mistake as in 2016 of simply not voting. The potential consequences are just too severe, too ominous, woefully frightening and miserable to contemplate. WE HAVE GOT TO MAKE SURE THAT TRUMP IS DONE!

The renowned W.E.B. Dubois (a founder of the NAACP) ignited “Souls to the Polls” as an essential strategy to engage the Black church, which has been the backbone and most critical, persistent, and effective element of the civil rights movement, and which he deemed vital to mobilization of a strategy to activate and engage congregants and the community to exercise their right to vote.

So Pastor Mack, and Pastor Wilson, and Pastor Pope, and Pastor Johnson, and Pastor Walker, and Pastor Kennedy, and Pastor Norris, and Rev. Fowlkes, and Rev. Hicks, and Rev. MacDonald, and all the other pastors, ministers, clergymen, clergywomen, parsons, rectors, priests, and all souls of good will, your leadership, inspiration and encouragement will be the ESSENTIAL VOICES that current national NAACP CEO Darrell Johnson recently called on to lead the mobilization of Blacks and other voters of color to the polls in this historic election….whether by absentee ballot, mail-in voting, or at the poll, VOTE EARLY, starting Sept. 18.

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